Equestria Girls: Rules and Guidelines



Equestria Girls: Rules and Guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines and Rules



Rules concerning characters, mainly their species. See general Character Policy on the Rules page.


Canon auditions and activity policy!


Hey y'all! Following our proposal and discussion about revamping canon characters and spurring on new activity, we've finally gotten the chance to progress towards auditions! We'd like everyone to take a look over here please and see if there are any characters they are interested in running:

New Canon policy: This also ushers in our new canon policy for Mane Six and  supporting cast (CMC, The princesses), we would like to see them active, or making a public apperance or participating in a scene at least two times a week, we're instituting this policy to help prevent people from sitting on a canon and to help keep things fresh and moving on Filly!

If there are any concerns, questions or comments I would be more than happy to answer them in forum or pub, y'all have a great day and thank you for your time!

New rule revamp

After some debates, fairly heated one mind I add, I decided to just go forward and finalizes the revamp. 


 Make the chat as much like the MLP of the show (in spirit) as possible


This really haven't changed much, just included some older guidelines and finally update my interperation list and add it to the recommanded reading. Reformed, simplified, and in some way, added detail.

Discuss them here


Rules Updated Updated. That is all.

Canon Character Policy Update #3 among other things

For a while we wanted to try and see how character sharing would work for the sake of getting characters used more often, but if anything it has proven detrimental. A lack of communication between CC players and a feeling of not really having a real grip on a character that's shared as well as seeing which characters were un-shared vs. those that were, has led us to conclude that sharing CC's is not going to be in the best interest of anypony. Folks that have them don't feel like playing them, and the community is often without them, which is something that needs to be changed for the better. From now on there will be only 1 player for canon characters that are mane cast. They can still have back up player, but only if the canon character wants backup. 


Whatever. ('cause this is my King-dom of, Equestr-i-a)



Let things be. If I get any flak I'm going to man up and deal with it. I'll just say that I am not the internet's parents. And parents who let the internet raise their kids are doin' it wrong anyways. Flank it.

Puzzles and Ponies 1st Fillydelphia revision!

After a few play testing, and player suggestion, we are making these follow changes:

  • PnP should be fully optional outside of events. No pony should be forced to roll, EVER.
  • PnP is only used to settle dispute or adding randomness when desired. Before you roll against somepony, whisper them first to make sure they are okay with rolling. Respect them if they do not wish to roll and play free form.
  • However, it is still mandatory to have stats in profile for character even if you never uses it
  • More...

Original Location Submission Guideline

We are getting a lot of original location of note ponies want to make, some serious, some silly, but anyway, we will need this from every pony so we can have some kinda originazation. So here is the new policy!

From official Roleplay policy:

Each Original Roleplay location of note will need to submit detailed information for approval, see this map page for information



And here is the "detailed information" and instruction for them!

1. They have to be fitting in the MLP of the show in spirit as much as possible. See rooms structure here

2. Each location of note should have a fully describled Wiki page, see example here.

3. Once you have a wiki entry, please make an IC Blog to announce it's appearance, see example here. It does not need to go on the front page if you don't want! Just some IC mention of it opening, whether it is an event, a notice, or even just an action signifying the completing of it's construction will do!

4. Once it is approved, it will show up here

Puzzles and Ponies going Live!

We've got a new role playing system: Puzzle and Ponies!. Found by Barbarella, we think that integrating it directly into our chat will be a great way to help keep ourselves balanced, as well as to encourage and harbour further creativity when developing your characters. Making a character sheet is going to be mandatory. Using dice in roleplay will be optional. The main reason for this, is to help balance things out a bit more, and to help us play together more fairly Also, character points may be awarded for participation in future events! Familiarize yourself with the rules (They are extremely simple and easy to use!) make a sheet for your character, and have some more fun! 

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