Just so you know.

Don't make me regret this or things will go back faster than you can say Applejack.

Notable Changes: Rating up to PG

Roleplaying Guidelines linked to Rule 6

Ideals updated slightly.

Characters review now in progress

To whom it may concern: We are now reviewing active character who have been in play for a while, mostly to keep this very important and defining rule for this site:


 Make the chat as much like the MLP of the show (in spirit) as possible


Due to a few scattered examples of players going outside the rules, the moderators will be privately discussing ways for them to work within the rules. No one is getting banned, nor will any plotlines that you have running that have not been addressed be interrupted. If there is a problem, we will work with you to fix the problem and make this place more enjoyable for everypony.

So, beginning now, we will begins to talk to character that are simply blatantly unfitting for the world of MLP as shown in the MLP: FiM episodes. This is not a crack down or anything. Only the most serious over the top stuff will need adjustment and everyone will have plenty of discussion. I do apologies if this upset anypony or interrupts any plots. However, please understand that we can't please everypony. We can only focus on doing what we promised we will do for you at the very beginning of this site.

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Rules Updated

The Rules have been updated. Since someponies don't seem to understand the implication of staying true to the spirit of the show. And because someponies keep telling me there's such a huuuge difference between PG and PG-13. Past violations of new rules obviously won't be enforced, but anything that shows up from now on will be dealt with as need be. If you're wondering why the rules have changed, and why they seem so gosh darn strict, please check out our ideals. Thank you! This shouldn't affect a vast majority of you! Those of you who it does affect... well. I'm sure you know who you are already.

Ideals of the Site

Or: Why the Rules?


The goal of this site is to duplicate the atmosphere of the Equestria in the show. 


Why only PG?


Restructure Revolution!

As most of you who come to the chat rooms may be aware, there's been a restructure of the chat room system to hopefully make navigating/choosing where to play, a bit more obvious. Also, there've been updates to the rules So make sure that you give them a read! The room descriptions were done by Crescendo Kite, who also happens to play our local great and powerful Trixie!

Canon Character Application and Checklist

See this for new update 


It's come to my attention that a lot of people are eager to play Canon Characters, and this is great. However, after a bit of consideration I've decided that the qualifications for running a Mane cast member, should be pretty high standard. I've also finally compiled an application, which should be sent to [email protected] for consideration.


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