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Letters from Sable Night, The Backlog

A bundle of papers have arrived on the town notice board, this time, there are many, all of different handwriting, but all carrying the same seal. It seems there was a problem in the letter chain and they all ended up being delivered at the same time. There are several, if not many, though it appears some may have been lost in transit. However, somepony has gone through the trouble to put them in proper order using their post date. How thoughtful.


Letters from Sable Night

Dear residents of Ponyville.


How are you all? I believe that I am doing well. My journey is going well, and I am seeing many interesting things. It has been around month since I left you, and I miss you all. I do not have time to describe them all to you, but I would like to tell you about my travels anyway. As some of you may know, it was very difficult for me to for acclimate to my uhmn.. this.. pony-ness. I left you, and while it pained me to do so, I saw no other options available to me. So, I followed the stars, and through them I have grown. This world is wide, vast, immense, and out there beyond it are ever more, ever changing places. As I travel, my mind is eased of the compulsion to take note of every little thing. I am learning to relax, and though I do not seem to grow, my perceptions and sense of self expands. I hope that when I return I will be the same pony tht left you, but I am not certain this will be the case.

Purple Dawn (The Glooze Event)

(All descriptions are as I (Apple_Bumpkin) understood them and subject to correction from the various characters involved.  Also I only know the parts I was involved in.  Other ponies where were involved in the quest to discover a cure for gloozed Apple_Bumpkin and a way to defeat Glooze should add those parts to this page.)


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