Sapphire Night

Construction in the Library Area

The spot which once housed The Night Side (and still bears it's trees and fountain) is little more than a pile of debris surrounded by construction ponies. Even so, this notice has been placed on the sign in front of it near the path.

Attention customers and non-customers,

The Night Side Curio Shop will be closed this week and some of next week probably for renovations in order to better serve the paranormal requirements of Ponyville and it's supernatural residents. We hope to see you again when the shop is re-opened next week.

-Sapphire Night

The Night Side Closed for the holidays

The following is posted on the door to The Night Side:

Attention holiday ponies:

The Night Side will be closed through the first of the year due to unexpected holiday travel.
Please store your perishable supernatural items in a moist place until I get back.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this closure (I didn't have time to find somepony to run the store for me)
and wish you a very Happy Hearthswarming and New Year.

Thank you!
-Sapphire Night

Posters all over Ponyville!

Missing Poster      Sapphire is hurrying around putting these posters everywhere, and some in the most absurd places! Really, who is going to see a poster underneath somepony's front porch or on a rooftop anyway?

  She seems rather distressed, and hurries along her way out of town and towards the forest to check her traps. If they haven't caught her by now, hopefully somepony will find her.

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