Calling All Artistic Ponies!

A flyer can be seen posted upon the Town Hall Bulletin Board as well as on bulletin boards across town. In areas where a board is not readily available, brightly colored pieces of paper flap in the wind from tree trunks and fenceposts and other surfaces. It reads:

On Saturday, April the 27th, come and participate in the first-annual Ponyville Craft Faire! Located in the Hub of Ponyville and lasting all day long!

Artists! Show off your work and sell your pieces! Sell your pieces to tasteful buyers and rake in the bits! Drum up a boatload of publicity!

Art Lovers! See the art of dozens from right here in Ponyvillle! Buy all the art that you love for your own personal masterpiece collection! Meet the artists of your favorite works!

An all around, fun as hay festival for mares and gentlecolts of all ages!

Artists who wish to reserve a booth can PUB Wisteria or approach IC. Booth space is 15 bits per 10'x10' space, 20 for a physical booth already there to display art. All proceeds go to the Ponyville Elementary school.

School Is Soon In Session!

After a well-earned summer vacation, the Ponyville Schoolhouse will soon be filled with (Hopefully!) eager-to-learn foals once again! School shall begin on Monday, the 20th!

Cheerilee and the fellow teachers are looking forward to meeting their new students!

Fashionista's Palace

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon.

Owner: Mistress Perfect

Residents and/or Employees: Mistress Perfect, Arrietty Mana

Location: Near the Schoolhouse and the Library

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