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Visit Ponyville Antiques!

An old poster seems to have been placed on the wall years ago.

Visit Ponyville Antiques!

Get the best artifacts,


hailing from history and legend!


Right here in Ponyville!



Ponyville Antiques, adjacent to Mane Street!



Ponyville Antiques

Glimmering Brides Bridal Shop

All over town are pink, lacey flyers with the words; 'Glimmering Brides Bridal Shop' in big purple font. Below it says; A new bridal shop is opening up in Ponyville! Here you will find amazing wedding outfits for the bride (and groom) as well as everything to make your big day special! Our finest selections of dresses, tuxedos, and even bouqets come at a reasonable price. Also, come visit us to talk to our professional Wedding Planner, Blaire Bokette! She'll make the big day, the best day ever!

Setting up shop

It's been a long time coming I think it might be time to settle down.  I found this decently sized old crab apple tree just outside ponyville, technically it's in sweet apple acres, but I doubt any pony will mind.  I plan on turning it into a little shop where I can sell and trade some of the things I've acquired over the years, not to mention give my hooves a bit of a rest.  I really like it here in ponyville and hopefully the ponies here will like what I have to sell.

Tackle Task's Travel Treasures

Tackle Task's Travel Treasures

Or as it used to be known "That ol' crab apple tree."  Just on the edge of Sweet Apple Acres stood a large old crab apple tree, that for obvious reasons never got all that much attention from the apple family.  As no pony seemed to mind when renovations began occuring.  The inner trunk hollowed out provided a single spacious room on the ground floor, with only one window beside the door letting light in.  Inside was a single countertop dividing the room at top it was a battered money box, and behind were bags and boxs of assorted sizes and states of being u

Night Mare Studio

A small shop shaped like a four pronged star had been near the forest side of  Sweet Apple Acres, not far from FlutterShy's Cotage,  and close by the  river. The building itself had being painted  a black  color with an amethyst colored  trimming around it,  the roof had a three foot  black parasol over hang to black out the sun's rays from the inside.  The windows had been  stained a beautiful sapphire color, so  the light on the inside would send the  color to spread out  over the trees still viable  from the road way.

Night Mare Studio


Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: StarlightWing

Residents and/or Employees:  StarlightWing(Owner), Socks(Model,and resident)

Location: Near Sweet Apple Acres

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields

Stylish Stitches Re-Opening!

Bright blue posters with dark purple text can be seen posted all around Ponyville. There is a small blue business card stapled to the bottom right hand corner and a coupon that can be cut out on the bottom left corner for 25% off any purchase at the store. (With the exception of re-opening day, where you automatically get 50% off any purchase.)

The Sports Emporium

Come one, come all, to the grand opening of the new Sports EmporiumFilled with everything needed to suit your sporting needs! It has footballs, soccerballs, basketballs, tennis balls, baseballs, raquets, shoes, sportswear, You get the drift! It will be located in the Twilight's Library and Surroundings area and will open at 20:30:00 server time on April 6th. Be sure to stop on by and shop! ((PUB my character Eliza for more details))

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