20% cooler? Why not!

 Just a small community I happened to stumble on. I think that if other bronies win, so do we, so feel free to check them out and say you were sent by way of Filly. Delphia that is.

Shout-out to !

This is a shout-out to Fillydelphia Radio for asking for some promotiont! He said he wanted a link, but I think we will just do a little better then just a link, cause that is what we usually do. 

Anyway... this is from them!   Fillydelphia Radio (Not connected in any way to your blog of the same name), a pony-based internet radio stream created in early December, 2011.

Say hi to Judd West and their DJ for us! 

Shout-out to !

This is a shout-out to for finishing that latest renovation! 

Canterlot is another Pony roleplay community, much alike us, but focus more on Forum related roleplay. After talking to one of their administrator, I found that they are really cool people! They recently spent a good deal of effort on improving their site as well, and it just went up, apparently, today! 

So I decided to do something to recongizes their hard work. I hope we can all become friends and continues to provide entertainment and frienship for the Ponydom! 


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