Danger Journal of Crescendo Kite (Warning, long.)

Dear Journal,

It's been 4 years since my last entry into your pages.   I'm no longer boxing on the Heavy Stallion ranks.  Quit two years ago.   I've got a new job, I love it.  I get to roar at bad creatures or ponies.   Life is grand, isn't it?


Skyblaze's Diary 2

My Diary

Dear Diary,

Well the meeting with mom and dad went a lot better than I was expecting! I wanted to talk to them first about reuniting with Kite, but he was eager about it and we flew to Cloudsdale almost as soon as I told him what I wanted to do!

Skyblaze's Diary

Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I've written to you, but today I take quill in mouth to tell you about an amazing coincidence that happened to me.

"The Glooze Is Loose!" by Skyblaze

The Glooze is loose! The Glooze is loose!

It's nasty and and it's slimy It'll leave ya lookin' grimy!

It'll slop and splash and glop and crash

It smells like week-old moldy trash

The Glooze is loose! The Glooze is loose!


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