Tea House

Mushroom's Manehattan Mugs Official Opening Fliers

These fliers for Mushroom's Manehattan Mugs, located across

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Mushroom's Manehattan Mugs



Tea_Leaf's Tea House

Image goes hereHello everypony.

Looking for a nice relaxing cup of tea to help you unwind after a long day? Or perhaps your an early morning pony looking for a cup to help energize you and get you in the right frame of mind to take the days challenges head-on. Well this is for you. Tea_Leaf's Tea Shop is now open for business. His shop is located in The Hub, and easily noticeable. So everypony come on down and enjoy one of the many, many blends that Tea_Leaf has created. And if your looking for a particular blend of tea, then by all means speak up and Tea_Leaf will do his best to accommodate you. 

Tea_Leafs Tea House

Owner: Tea_Leaf
Residents and/or Employees: Tea_Leaf, Damion_Page
Location/Room: In the Hub


Exterior Description: Looking like a stone cottage, the Tea House is a comforting, inviting place. There's a small patio area just to the left of the front door, where ponies can relax and enjoy their tea when it's nice outside.


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