The State of Don

"In the Beginning of time, five beings stepped forth to create a shinning world.  Terra, Fiona, Kilrik, Galen and Sol worked together to bring the world they dreamed of into reality, and used their powers to form Don.  Terra, the Healer of Rock, gathered the minerals from space in a composite and create the Earth.  Fiona, Priestess of Life, melted the core and gave the new planet internal warmth.  Kilrik, Warrior of Water, filled the world with oceans, seas and lakes, giving it a beautiful Azure sky from the reflection.

Nightmare Moon's Temple

Once this was a grand temple built by Thunderball to honor Nightmare Moon after her glorious return. During its time of operation, it was a towering stone structure -pyramid shaped and ornately decorated. The roof was open to the night sky and in the center of it all was a stone statue of Nightmare Moon built by Marble Sheen. At the time, Thunderball would be seen meditating there quite often and now and again Sapphire Night a.k.a. Nightmare Jewel would pop in to terrorize somepony.

Panty's going away thing

Event Data: 
Wed, 2011-07-27 17:00 - 20:45

Time: 07/27/2011 Wedensday 17:00 server time

That means 14:00 PST time, 17:00 EDT time, and 22:00 UK Time

Location: Lunar Temple (The wilds)

Panty is finally going away now that the last incident have been concluded! That is it! She is going back to her own world! Come say good bye!

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