[Brain Tease] Puzzles Competition/Tournament


The Event has been moved to March 22nd [15:00 server time] (Not to conflict with Winter Wrap up)

1. Gardien
3. Star_Light
4. Feather_Quill
5. Iona

Congradulations to our finalists!
Sponsored by The Press, 52nd and Mane and BonBon's Sweets

Brain Tease! Ponyville's first ever competition to prove the MIND can be just as strong as the body!
Do you feel like you can compete with lightning strike precision against the toughest of riddles?
Can you wrestle/unravel the toughest of clues to solve the puzzle
Can you over come the mental teasing to surpass what lies and plain sight!
Apply and flex your brain's potential!
However many will enter only the 5 top finalist will be selected to compete on the tournament stage (In the hub near the fountain)
pre-registration is open now, there's a box for submissions near the stage area in the hub (submit a PUB) or you can register on the spot the day of the event.
Best of luck!

King of the Ring Tournament!

Event Data: 
Sat, 2012-02-25 11:00 - 15:00

Date: 2-25

Location: Iron Pony Competition Field, Wrestling Ring ( Sweet Apple Acres And the Fields Room )

There are signs plastered all over Ponyville, on closer inspection they say

"King of the Ring tournament! Compete with other ponies for charity! Next Saturday, 2-25, will be the day! Talk to Mistico_Santo to join! All ticket proceeds will go to charity, and winner of tournament will recieve cash prize to charity of their choosing! We hope to see you mix it up with the few great fighters!"

Location: Iron Pony Competition Field, Wrestling Ring

Join by: Talking to Mistico_Santo in chat, or sending a message to the forum topic

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