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03:11:12 : TGAPTrixie as Trixie walks far from Ponyville, she feels a deep shudder run up her spine and can only imagine a pink earth pony in her mind.

05:01:59 TGAPTrixie: (( *Zaps Platonia into a filly to make it less quiet?* ))

05:10:06 TGAPTrixie: (( <3 ))

17:59:08 : TGAPTrixie trotting into town and looking around, "Now, who would be a good victim to make sure The Great and Powerful Trixie will get her duel with Twilight Sparkle?"

18:03:20 : TGAPTrixie trotting forward as she hmms, moving toward the spa, "The Great and Powerful Trixie needs to relax a little."

18:06:09 TGAPTrixie: (( The Great and Powerful Trixie is not interested in some shy pony with no spirit! ))

18:06:49 : TGAPTrixie passing by the dragon, "Interesting door ornament, but The Great and Powerful Trixie could do better. Private room for Trixie." she snorts to the spa ponies.

18:10:42 : TGAPTrixie smirking as shes one of the public areas instead, glaring, "This had better be good you spa ponies, or else." cape and hat off.

18:12:56 TGAPTrixie: (( Why in the world would The Great and Powerful Trixie settle for that bookish Twilight Sparkle? ))

18:16:03 TGAPTrixie: (( *Can already see the ladle hitting Octavia for coming into a private steam room* ))

18:17:55 TGAPTrixie: (( The Spa Ponies do monitor it I would imagine. ))

18:19:20 TGAPTrixie: (( Sleeping ponies, I'm sure. Unconcious..yeah, not normal at they'll probably take her to a private massage to. ))

18:24:02 : TGAPTrixie is smirking for a different reason as she enjoys some of the work being done to her in the spa, not seeing the glances of worry for all the trouble shes recently caused.

18:27:12 TGAPTrixie: (( Trixie thought you were an ornament and you aren't a huge dragon, just a bigger than a pony one. ))

18:28:43 TGAPTrixie: (( Attending to Fluttershy I'd imagine and getting other parts ready.. ))

18:28:52 TGAPTrixie: (( Such as for massages. ))

18:29:14 TGAPTrixie: (( That, and you aren't roaring and screaming pain at them. XD ))

18:33:06 TGAPTrixie: (( We love you too Fluttershy. ))

18:44:34 TGAPTrixie: (( I think a lot of us are. XD *hugs Fluttershy* From giving AJ a treat to's awesome. ))

18:47:07 TGAPTrixie: (( Aye. ))

18:50:28 TGAPTrixie: (( Especially since moisture has been..collecting on it. XD ))

19:02:58 : TGAPTrixie stepping out of the spa and paying, "It was..relaxing enough." she snorts, heading out of the spa with her common smirk.

19:05:45 TGAPTrixie: (( *laughs and high hoofs* Excellent Fluttershy! ))

19:06:08 : TGAPTrixie sighing as she glowers, "Just where are these friends of that Twilight Sparkle that motormouth told me about?"

19:21:02 TGAPTrixie: (( "That was a dragon? I thought it was a spa ornament!" ))

19:21:37 TGAPTrixie: (( Zap ))

19:32:48 TGAPTrixie: (( *hugs* Take care Fluttershy. ))

19:36:37 : TGAPTrixie hmming, "I won't find them anywhere nearby, will I?" she glares at ponies around here, "The Great and Powerful Trixie will not be stopped until she has her duel."

19:39:17 TGAPTrixie: (( Is your Fabulousity meter high? ))

19:41:55 TGAPTrixie: (( *hugs Dash* Aye. ))

19:42:03 TGAPTrixie: (( brb myself ))

19:46:00 : TGAPTrixie hmping, "Trixie will find her way to get Twilight Sparkle to duel.."

19:53:14 : TGAPTrixie frowns, " The Great and Powerful Trixie can not concentrate with you making useless noise and light!" before snorting as she shakes her head, seething toward the source for interrupting Trixies great mind.

20:00:12 : TGAPTrixie stopping and slowly turning to see a box, "Trixie can not believe you are serious about being in that thing. The Great and Powerful Trixie can not spend time going to some apothecary when Trixie has things to do."

20:02:21 : TGAPTrixie smirking, "Shall The Great and Powerful Trixie make you a foal in a box instead?" horn glowing as she aims at it.

20:07:03 : TGAPTrixie horn glowing brighter as she aims at Octavia, smirking, "Trixie will just play with the box then, as The Great and Powerful Trixie needs more practice."

20:09:32 : TGAPTrixie shooting a grey colored beam at the Box and Octavia suddenly, Trixie grinning fiercely.

20:12:31 : TGAPTrixie keeping the beam headed for Octavia as it shows hooves underneath, hearing the punch through the box.

20:15:06 : TGAPTrixie moving up to the box and lifting it up with levitation, tossing it aside.

20:19:28 : TGAPTrixie smirking as she shakes her mane, "I the Great and Powerful Trixie once more amazes!" before continuing on, tossing the box aside.

20:20:23 TGAPTrixie: (( Town Square as she did come from the Spa. ))

20:23:18 : TGAPTrixie blinks as she begins glaring at the little filly who ran for the Library, then smirks, "It seems Trixie will not have to wait much longer after all..and yes, I am The Great and Powerful Trixie!"

20:26:52 : Twilight_Sparkle is seem trotting into Town square from the library looking for somepony.

20:27:01 Twilight_Sparkle: (( hi hi Pinkie_Pie ))

20:27:47 TGAPTrixie: (( XD Yes, Pinkie Pie, Octavia got Trixied. ))

20:28:31 : TGAPTrixie is heading for Sugar Cube Corner, "Yes yes, you Ponies will excuse Trixie, The Great and Powerful Trixie has something to do.."

20:28:37 : Twilight_Sparkle probably shouldn't take long to locate Trixie... and heads toward her, doesn't look particularly pleased.

20:30:12 : TGAPTrixie comes to a stop as she feels something, turning, "Ahh, Twilight Sparkle. Trixie sees her work is working." horn glowing as she tries to pick up both Octavia and her hat.

20:31:49 : Twilight_Sparkle walks up to Trixie " None of these pony have done anything. First AppleJack, then Sunset and Sky, then... These non-sense have to stop Trixie! You wanted a duel? I will give you a duel!"

20:32:47 : TGAPTrixie smirking, "Ahh, perfect Twilight Sparkle. Shall we talk about the rules here, or in your library?" summoning her hat to her.

20:34:24 : Twilight_Sparkle narrows her eyes, nearly a glare. "If you think this is going to take a long time."

20:36:39 : TGAPTrixie snorts, "Oh, I do not think so, Twilight Sparkle. However, one of the rules I was going to state was it would be in several days, and that I agree not to pull any tricks or hostility on any pony more here for the Duel." she smirks.

20:37:07 : Twilight_Sparkle sighs. "Agreeable so far... Go on."

20:38:58 TGAPTrixie: "I will help you with returning those who you haven't turned back to their old state if they agree to it. No intentional weak tricks, just pure magical power. No trying to harm any pony intentionally or the surrounding homes..not that I would dare."

20:40:03 : Twilight_Sparkle looked a little surprised at the comment. "That... actually sound... very fair.." Her looks at Trixie, skeptically.

20:40:57 : TGAPTrixie smirking, "Any rules you wish to put in, or are they acceptable, Twilight SParkle?"

20:41:21 TGAPTrixie: (( Yikes, and what happened Inkwell? ))

20:41:59 : Twilight_Sparkle draws at the ground softly with her forehoof. "That sound... fine... What is the time, and location?"

20:43:18 : TGAPTrixie hmming, "Since Trixie set the rules, you may set the time and locale." blinking as she floats her hat off where the poison joke falls out, "...Ahh, Trixie sees Octavia meant that literally. What is this plant?"

20:44:27 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks, and quickly back up from the plant. "Um... those are poison jokes... You don't want to touch those."

20:44:58 : TGAPTrixie blinking, "They would..have touched my mane. They were in my hat."

20:46:10 : Twilight_Sparkle gulps. "I suggest arranging a hair stylist." she smiles... awkwardly. "Anyway... time... This up coming sunday... location... umm... location.." she thinks.

20:46:49 : TGAPTrixie head tilted, "Hair Sytlist? Just what does Poison Joke do, Twilight Sparkle? Agreed on Sunday.."

20:47:37 : Twilight_Sparkle smiles nervously. "You will see. Location..." she points at the empty spots. "There. That place would be out of harm way from anypony beside one construction."

20:49:59 : TGAPTrixie looking to it and nodding slowly, "Agreed, Twilight Sparkle." she replies back, "Now then, you probably want me to help with turning ponies back or showing the spell?"

20:50:15 TGAPTrixie: (( AYe. XD ))

20:52:50 : Twilight_Sparkle leans back a touch, still looking at Trixie rather skeptically. "Sure... Octavia probably will need some help. The rest I have mostly taken care of.. It would be appreciated if you don't continue these non-sense." she lowers her head again. "Remember, as you said. No trick."

20:57:51 TGAPTrixie: (( Eee..*high hoof Scraggly* ))

20:57:59 TGAPTrixie: (( Whew, your ok Inkwell. XD ))

21:01:07 TGAPTrixie: (( Take care Sky! ))

21:01:13 Twilight_Sparkle: (( laters! ))

21:06:22 : Twilight_Sparkle sighs a little, and returns to the library for now.

21:06:39 : TGAPTrixie moving closer, "So, onto fixing Octavia.." blinking as she remembers something, "Oh, and Twilight Sparkle." looking to her, "...If that Pink Earth Pony.." blinking as she leaves, "..I won't be responsible for what I do to her.."

21:08:34 : TGAPTrixie moving from town to prepare for the duel and to return later to help fix things, shaking her head, "These Ponyville ponies."

21:10:48 TGAPTrixie: (( Bah, sorry everypony, need a small break for now.. ))

22:51:44 TGAPTrixie: (( Indeed ))

22:52:32 : TGAPTrixie sighing as she returns to Ponyville, "The Great and Powerful Trixie just knows shes going to have to help..ulgh, those ponies for this duel."

22:52:42 TGAPTrixie: (( Dang..that just..that IS cute. ))

22:54:57 : TGAPTrixie feeling her mane suddenly shift, " can't be.." looking back and finding Pinkie Pie, " did you get behind me?"

23:04:56 TGAPTrixie: (( I liked Equestria Nightly as well. ))

23:05:40 : TGAPTrixie moving a little faster forward, "Yes well, I'm sure that will be interesting to Trixie.." looking back and trying to move along and around a corner.

23:07:12 : TGAPTrixie blinking, "Well, I'm sure Trixie will have time for it later.." going around the corner and trotting a little faster.

23:07:45 TGAPTrixie: (( Pinkie Pie mode has been activated, Trixies mental state is= Worried. ))

23:08:29 TGAPTrixie: (( Ponies can do that to you.. ))

23:10:42 : TGAPTrixie blinking and begins to trot away, leaping over Octavia and glad she was a filly, ending up heading past the Apple stand unknowingly, looking back where Pinkie Pie was.

23:13:22 : TGAPTrixie sighs, "Ok, she must have gotten bored." turning back around to continue trotting on her way.

23:16:34 : TGAPTrixie jumps and looks to Pinkie Pie, beginning to canter away now.

23:17:51 : TGAPTrixie looking back at the pony, "Just what is that Pony up to? Does she want me to give up? Shes not a unicorn.."

23:21:44 : TGAPTrixie trying to skid to a stop to end up crashing into Pinkie Pie, oofing, "How did you? Where did you?" shes pushing up Pinkie Pies mane, "You're not a unicorn! How are you teleporting!?" trying to move back into Quills and Couches to get away.

23:24:25 : TGAPTrixie watching her bounce, sparking her horn then stopping, "..Duel..remember the rules you agreed to and even..said.." moving back until she finds the one quill in the store, acking as it pokes her flank, charging out.

23:26:50 : TGAPTrixie galloping right to Sunset Meadows and taking a seat quickly, looking around the store quickly and then at the entrance, "She didn't see me come in here..right?" gulping

23:27:59 : TGAPTrixie hat pops off and lands back on Trixies head as she slowly turns to look at Pinkie Pie, "...What are you?"

23:28:26 TGAPTrixie: (( Trixies State of Mind= Starting minor meltdown. ))

23:34:53 : TGAPTrixie twitches and takes the hoof for half a second, "...What are you doing Trixie?" before galloping out of Sunset Meadows, "This can't be happening! She's an Earth Pony! The Great and Powerful Trixie is being chased by an Earth Pony!" Trixie continued to gallop, avoiding anything she could, galloping around Loyalty and Scraggly and heading toward Town Square, taking a round about way to get behind the big building and panting, looking side to side, pressing her back against what she hopes is the building in question, her eyes focused for the Pink poofy mane.

23:53:57 : TGAPTrixie screams out suddenly as she gallops away from Pinkie Pie as fast as she can, hat pulled down tight as she tries to get away from Pinkie Pie. [Doesn't make sense! Where did she come from!?]

23:55:50 : TGAPTrixie looking back and then forward, leaping over barrels and haystacks, "No! I can't believe this! Where did she come from!? There was nothing there!"

23:58:01 : TGAPTrixie comes to a stop against a tree outside the school house, slowly inching a long it.

23:58:33 TGAPTrixie: (( Ahh, so I did, pardon. ))

23:59:27 : TGAPTrixie crashing into a wall as she literally impacts with a living rainbow epitome, herself upside down as she comes down from the building slowly.