Account Characters
Name: Axl Rise Edge
Species: Earth Pony

In a word boring

Axl has not been living in ponyville as often and only drops by to visit these days.

A dark coated pony with a mane of roughly the same colour only a tad bit lighter. There's a thin cobalt blue streak running through it like a lightning bolt.

He's constantly wearing a red scarf. A cross symbol is stitched into it. One side of the scarf is smooth while the other is wild and a bit torn.

Axl is always carrying his scabbard which from a distance holds a Gold(coloured mind you) hilted Greatsword

Cutie-Mark is a White outline of twin blades . One blade is slightly faded and overlapping the other. Circle


When travelling he wears an additional darkened and yet dull crimson jacket.. As well as a grey belt/sash for holding things.


Axl is friendly and level headed .Usually relaxed if a bit serious with a small sense of dry humor.
While he can be polite and courteous if he so chooses, in the past he has proven to be quite arrogant and cocky when dealing with matters independently. He has since matured into a more pragmatic individual...though he has his off days.

He's never without his red scarf (NEVER) Its what makes him more quiet and reserved through things. He has an odd habit of pulling his scarf up to his muzzle this usually happen when he feels uneasy/shy or thinks the situation requires a more of a serious approach.

Overall he seems to exhibit a relaxed mood these days unless he's distracted
He can a bit independent and rarely interacts with new ponies as often when he's being a busy pone.

Current Status
Axl is as of now a member of the Starcade guild but is only part of a small branch of the organisation.His work involves assignments or jobs offered from clients around the world. Most of which are handled in a team, these assignments can range from delivering letters, construction work or even guards.Occasionally his work brings him to Equestria.
Axl 's talents are in his dexterity with his swords being able to switch styles and stances with ease despite their weight. This also helps with his creativity and how versatile he can be in situations when working with others.

He's got some skills!