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Name: Jacklyn Time
Species: Earth Pony
Age - 19, Birthdate - May 7th

Little sister to Showtime, and Great Granddaughter to the legendary Box Gear, Jacklyn is an Earth Pony who is more accustomed to working with her brain rather than her muscles. Staying at home to learn the family trade of clockwork and clockmaking, she was excited when her cutie mark revealed that that was her special talent. Her hardwork and diligence paid off, as she is set to manage the first out of town branch of the family store when it's set up

Close to her big brother before he left town, she was the only one who supported his decision to pursue the performing arts, and treated every letter he sent home as a treasure worth memorial. After receiving a letter that he was settling down in a town called Ponyville, she decided it would be best to give him a surprise birthday present, while also checking to see if they might be in need of some new timepieces...

Update: Her store is now open for business! Just head to the Library area if you're interested.

Cutie Mark: A clock face. Allows memorize dates, times, and any such information at a glance. Also, her work with clocks has given her an extreme attention to detail due to the delicacy of such instruments.

PnP :

Gumption - 1. Despite being an Earth Pony, Jacklyn is not very strong at all. She is delicate, though, and that's most important for her work.
Quickness - 4. She is, however, fast on her feet and rather dextrous. Again, very important.
Excitement - 1. She's actually rather excitable... but get her focused on something and she's like a rock.
Smartness - 5. Jacklyn likes solving her problems with her brain, not her rather non-existant brawn. Good thing she's rather intelligent.
Caring - 2.
Friendship - 1