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Name: Tea Leaf
Species: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Green Tea Leaf

Special Talent: Making herbal teas for most any and all needs. Stat: Smartness.

Tea Leaf is a young unicorn of 18. He's a kind and courteous unicorn who's love of herbal teas drove him to further his knowledge of herbs and plants, allowing him to create herbal tea blends that serve most any need. Be it a soothing tea that helps a pony to relax at the end of a long day, or getting that morning boost of energy to help start the day off on the right hoof. He also creates blends that helps ponies suffering nightmares, or wish to help remember their dreams better.

Puzzles & Ponies:

Gumption: 2 Being a unicorn, he's used his magic for most lifting/carrying. That being said, he's no weakling either. He has average strength physically.

Quickness: 2 Tea won't be winning any races anytime soon, but he can move at a good clip when needed

Excitement: 2 Tea isn't the kind of pony who's easily excited, keeping an even temper most of the time.

Smartness: 4 His knowledge of herbs and tea blends can be matched by only a few ponies. (And one Zebra ^_~)

Caring: 3 He's a kind pony who'd be willing to help out where ever and how ever he can.

Friendship: 1 Being new to Ponyville, he doesn't really know anypony.

HP: 4
MP: 3
SP: 5

Green Week:

Sep 16.

In spite of many many attempts, Tea Leaf avoided getting hit.

Sep 17.

Bo_Rhapsody got him square in the chest @ 17:03:21

Amplicity_Vibe got him on the front left hoof @ 21:01:52

Sep 18.

Once again, in spite of a few attempts, he avoided getting tagged.

Sep 19.

Amplicity_Vibe got him right in the chest @ 19:20:23

Sep 20.

Amplicity_Vibe got him in the chest....again @ 20:16:52

Twilight_Wish got him in the side @ 20:39:09

Sep 21.

No ponies got him.

Sep 22.

Ryu_Sword got him in the side @ 18:27:19

Bo_Rhapsody got him right in the cheek @ 22:02:16

Noteflute got him on the front left leg @ 22:13:14

Sep 23.

Final day of Green Week, no pony tagged him.

Total score for Green Week: 8 points.