Account Characters
The massive building looks like a round wedding cake with several different layers. There are windows all around, and the outer walls are smooth, but not quite shiney, having a dull, soft look to them, all of them a warm shade of violet. The main pillars are white, and there's a massive Sign above the main entrance, Depicting a Purple Stallion from the shoulders up, with a Purple SugarFluff roosting on his shoulder. In a massive Slick looking font, the Facade reads: VIN-MART

The Interior is divided into four different Levels with several main Areas, as well as open shopping areas interspersed between them The notable areas on each Level of the building are as Follows.

Level 1, Ground Floor:

Restaurant: Fancy Food to Old Fashioned Cooking!
Juice Bar: All types of Juices, including Cider made to order!
Fancy Fountain: Aside being pretty, often running with a "juice of the day." which is available for free sampling!
Supermarket: It is the largest section, and it spans up into the second floor. Sell just about everything a supermarket would stock.
Bank: Offer personal saving account, business chequeing account, loan, and various other stuff banks do! Free Fluffy bank on new account with minimum five hundred bits deposit!

Level 2, Second Floor:

Arcade: All the latest games developed by the best Unicorns in Canterlot and beyond. Test your skills!
Book Store: Books on every subject you can imagine.
Pool tables: Free games every Thursday Night! Pay for time, otherwise!
Construction: There are some construction going on, perhaps for other section that are to be introduced.

Level 3, Third Floor:

Bowling Alley: Free Games every Tuesday Night! Pay for time, otherwise!
Party Shop: A variety of goods for your latest parties from Streamers and Balloons to Hats and Decorations!
Clothing store: All the latest styles with Tailors on the spot to custom fit for you all you like!
Soap Store: Find your favorite Fragrances, not just in Soaps but perfumes as well!

Level 4, Fourth Floor:

Cafe: Settle on in for a cup of Coffee, Mini Bakery included! A nice view of the town also available for no extra charge.
Hardware store: Planning a Project? Want to make sure you have the best tools and supplies? Look no further!
Lenses and Glasses: Custom fit Glasses, Sunglasses, Goggles, and other fashionable Eyewear to keep you at the top of your game!

From the outside it looks as though there are several floors higher than that, but they must be for employees only...