Apple Medley's Relationship Quick Tips

Hello Stallions and Mares. Apple Medley here. Bought myself a fancy thing called a typewriter and I wanted to use it to start giving some advice.

Let's see here, uhmn... How do I put spaces between these lines?


Oh Here we go.


Anyway, todays topic: Baskets.


Every pony has a set of baskets. As a general rule, stallions have one basket, and mares have two. The stallion has one basket, because any mare he meets, he considers a possibility for an intimate relationship. It's full of apples, and every apple is a gal he meets. This is why a stallion will not often say that they would like to like to just be friends. He doesn't wanna be cut off from the possibility of an intimate relationship somewhere on down the line.


Mares have two baskets, one is tall, and narrow. This is the lover basket. See, this basket, is filled with stallions that she sees as relationship material. This is unfortunate, because ponies in this basket cannot be in the other basket. The unfair thing about the lover basket is, only the best prospects are at the top, and this is the pool from which relationships are made. You can be so far down the basket that you'll never have a shot, and you can never be her friend either.


See, the second basket is the friend basket, and it is very short, and very wide.  This basket is the friend basket, and all her friends are equally important. Once you're in a basket, it's almost impossible to get out of it. Most apples in the lover basket are buried, and only the ones at the top can jump to the friend basket. Apples in the friend basket, however, can't jump to the lover basket. Inevitably, they hit the side and land in the mud, and no gal wants a muddy apple. She won't take your letters, her friends won't talk to you.


That's it for this one. Love ya.