This article will be separated as "Appleloosa Reference" or something similar once we begin having OC locations and characters show up.

This article is currently for establishing the location proper.


An observation to point out, is that both Western/Frontier-themed locations in Canon (Appleloosa and Dodge Junction) seem to be centered around Orchards, as opposed to Mines or Ranches.

Both of them existing and being a factor is not out of the question though, for example some BG Ponies (like Ol' Salt) have Mining-related Cutie Marks, and we see some tools/equipment show up throughout the series. Orchards just seem to be the "main" resource, as opposed to Minerals and Livestock, when the construction of such settlements is decided.



Canon Characters associated with this location are Braeburn, Sheriff Silverstar, Little Strongheart, and Chief Thunderhooves.

"Special" BGs are Morton Saltworthy and Ol' Salt.

There are many BGs seen here and elsewhere, consult this list for details.



We will be using images from the show, "officially" referencing only those that are consistent with other images.

Those that show certain buildings or landmarks in odd places, such as in very short shots etc. will be disregarded as animator errors, but will be referenced at the end of this article for sake of completeness.

  • Panned Out View: This shows all the buildings that made up Appleloosa at the time of Over A Barrel, consider this the "primary" overview. These were all "built in a year" according to Braeburn. Notice that the number of ponies in town (at least, those who came to defend it) seem to be greater than the number and size of the settlement would suggest. In most Western/Frontier-style towns, "residents" would often reside in outlying homesteads (Farmers, Ranchers etc.) or camps (Miners, Orchard-workers, etc.). Most would simply travel to the "main" settlement for leisure, trade, and services. So, it is best to assume that all of the buildings in this picture are either shops, civil services, workshops, or the homes of notable residents (Braeburn, Silverstar, etc.). Most of the residents would reside outside of town, within (at most) a day's travel.
  • The Stage: These images show that The Stage was constructed within the Orchard, likely due to its status as a "neutral" location between the Buffalo and Appleoosans. Whether it was constructed specifically for Pinkie's display, if it was already there, and if it remains there is not apparent.
  • Train Station: The Train Station seems to be made up of two buildings and an outhouse. The building to the right is assumed to be for tickets, travel services, and passenger waiting. The building to the left is probably for storing supplies and equipment for repairs on the track and train itself.
  • Across the Tracks: These images are a view of Appleloosa facing away from the Train Station. Here we can make out what could be called "Main Steet" in the middle. We also see some notable landmarks, namely The Salt Block, Hat Shop (likely), Clock Tower (possibly gone now, destroyed during battle), and what is possibly a Horseshoe supplier or "Stable" (note the trough outside, possibly a place of lodging?) Edit: All three buildings to the right of the Hat Shop do not appear in other shots (in that location). So, assume the Horseshoes building is by the Clock Tower, the pink building between the Hat Shop and Horseshoes, and ignore the green house. The house behind The Salt Block is correct only in the second image.
  • Facing the Tracks: From the opposite perspective of the above, this establishes some sense of distance. It does however radically reduce the distance between The Salt Block and Hat Shop, which is shown to be a very wide thoroughfare in most others. A wide street would be most consistent with the design of most Western/Frontier settlements, so assume it's as wide as seen in the Panned shot.
  • The Hat Shop: Comparing this shot to the Panned shot cements this one as accurate, keeping the wide thoroughfare and buildings. We can assume the Salt Block is opposite the Hat Shop in this shot. The damaged building is where the Clock Tower formerly stood, but was destroyed by a Buffalo during the battle. Again, ignore the houses behind the Hat Shop, as they should be further back (and different colors).
  • The Salt Block: This shot is consistent, except for the fact that when compared to others, the position of the Salt Block is mirrored! But, mirroring it correctly causes it to conform perfectly with our Panned and Train Station shots. The flipped perspective is just an error, it seems. In our Panned shot, we see a house on the same property, directly behind the Salt Block. What connection the two may or may not have is up in the air. It may belong to the owner of The Salt Block, while the second floor of said business could be used for lodging guests and staff.
  • This shot is another mirrored shot, this time of the Hat Shop and from the Train Station's perspective. Otherwise, it is consistent when mirrored accordingly.
  • This shot is very consistent with the Panned Out shot, but the green building to the right should be disregarded. What is actually there can be seen in the Panned shot.



All in all, there appears to be 20 buildings in Appleoosa proper.

  • Looking at Main Street, which has 7 buildings, we can assume that these are 1. Salt Block 2. Hat Shop 3. Clock Tower/Town Hall 4. Sherrif's Office (where?) 5. Horseshoes (by Clock Tower) and 6, 7, 8, being businesses or offices of some sort. Perhaps a Mining Company, General Store, and Bank?
  • The purple building on Main Street has some sort of shed/outhouse behind it, suggesting it is either for lodging, entertainment, or a workshop, possibly.
  • The building closest to our perspective in the Panned shot seems to be a refuse or garbage disposal building/pile.
  • The three buildings on the left seem to be homes, as do the blue and red buildings on our right.
  • The blue-roofed building has a questionable purpose, as it appears to have a low set service window of some kind.
  • The red-roofed building nearby seems to be a house, but the odd placement of the apple tree suggests that it could be an Orchard Office, or perhaps Braeburn's home?
  • The green building far back to our right is closer to the Orchard than the others, either making it an off-placed house or possibly an Orchard Office.


Later Developments

This brings us to our most recent shots of Appleoosa, from Season 4 (Pinkie Pride).

It can be assumed they are an extension of Main Street that was added towards the perspective of our Panned shot. The nature of the settlement lends credibility to such an expansion, even accounting for the more "modern" signage (tourist attractions, perhaps). Considering that Over a Barrel was quite some time ago in Canon, many expansions are possible. This opens up opportunities for OC locations.



If Appleloosa ever became used enough to necessitate a "room split" (doubtful, but one can dream), one could suggest Orchard, Plains(different name, Range maybe?), Main Street, and Outskirts (Train Station, Homes, etc.). Those being the "key" places likely to be used and referenced in RP.

The Buffalo (being based on the Sioux and other "Plains Indians") are nomads, and probably change the location of their camps often, so they would usually be found in the Plains(?).

Any Ranches, Mines, Farms, Camps, etc. etc. etc. would fall under Plains(?) as well it would be assumed.