Archie's Most Recent Notes on the Everfree Forest

((This is in the large tome that Archie keeps all of his notes in, there is a carefully drawn map with various notations and symbols on it. There are also various disjointed notes from his most recent expedition.))

Discovered possible Hydra resting place, marked on map, set up a discrete small enchanted totem of sorts based on an energy supply from the abundant ambient magical energy to give me a warning whenever I'm approaching it from a certain distance.

((The location as well as a perfectly drawn circle are clearly notated))

Manticore tracks and territory markers discovered, should be safe to hang around this area but I've set up another discrete totem to warn me when I get too close.

((Once again, the location has been marked))

Huge ambient power levels emenating from the Old Sister's Castle, bad mojo, most sentient living beings refuse to approach it. May have something to do with Nightmare Moon returning. Collected data using automated data recorders. Will organize later.

((Old Sister’s Castle Location Marked on the map))

Got into a tangle with a Cockatrice, tried to avoid it but made a misstep and fell into a ravine. Last second barrier spell kept me from becoming a pancake at the bottom. Bruising likely. Cockatrice rest area around here? Was it just passing through? Must check again later.

((The journal for that specific day cuts off there…))