Ask Ollie and Blair

Blair:Hi im Blair 

Ollie:And im Ollie the owner of Blair well,im my creators mane character.

Topic:Our Family

Blair:My family is:Mother-DawningSnow,Father-SolarStrings,Sister-Demi,Aunt-Zimi,Uncle-Xephos.Long away cousins-Ollie,Tootie Fruity.

Ollie:My family is:Mother:Blackbeauty,Father:CloudyStorm,Sister-Stripeneon,Aunt-Leafy Dreams,Uncle-ShapedAce.Long away cousins-Blair,CocoaBrownie,Rainbow Spectrum,Rainbow dash. Next Topic:What did we use to look like?

Anon:What did you two look like?

Blair:I was how i was now...

Ollie:I used to be pink my hair style was dark pink rainbowdash style,and light pink skin.Cutiemark:Cupcake,Now i look like this:orange skin and black hair derpy style,purple eyes and a purple swirl cutiemark.

Clyde:Whats your physical ability in sports?

Blair:Well I am a snow herder and i seperate herbs.

Ollie:I clear the clouds and im a wonderbolt also a runner.


Next Topic:Where in ponyville do you liive?

Blair:well i live im a regular house but its color is white.

Ollie:I live in a reserved cloud house with a rainbow waterfall.

Gizmo45:Whats your favorite drink and your most hated drink?

Blair:Iced Tea,Hated:Peachy Breeze shake.

Ollie:Fruit Punch,Hated:Apple Cider.

Anon:Whats your rank(Or like age)

Blair: Older Filly maybe like 12

Ollie:Filly 10

Another Anon:Where did you go to school

Blair:At Mountian Ridge School near the crystal empire

Ollie:Fire Stroke Flight School near Cloudsdale.

Anon:Where were you born?

Blair:Crystal Empire,Fallowtown.

Ollie:Cloudsdale,Cydesdale(A cloud town)

Ollie:Well thats it for this ask blog!


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