Burns Night party, Thursday Jan. 24th, 6 pm (server time)

Event Data: 
Thu, 2013-01-24 18:00 - 20:45


What: A roleplaying party event

Where: The Other room

When: Thursday, Jan. 24th, 6 pm server time


Thistledown is having a party! These invitations appear posted on the Town Hall bulletin board, along with directions to Thistledown's Cottage:



Everypony's Welcome! On Thursday, 24th Jan., I'll be hosting an informal party to honour the birthday of Scoltland's own son, the great Earth Pony Poet Cobbie Burns. There will be music, dancing, food, dessert, poetry recitals, and a bonnie great bonfire to light the night and warm the hooves. Come enjoy a wee taste o' me native land, and come together in fellowship.

May ye ne'er want a frien' or a dram to gie him.



Burns Night is a celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, usually held on the poet's birthday, January 25th.

Since I largely base Thistledown's accent on Burns' Scots dialect poetry, I figured it might be fun to pay homage to him.

In Equestria, Cobbie Burns is the great Scoltish poet. (A cob being a type of farm pony.)

It'll just be a fun, informal, unstructured roleplay event of a little party at Thistledown's cottage. There will be fun, poetry recitals, songs, and a bonfire. And, most important of all... an appearance by the Great Chieftain o' the Puddin' Race!

Normally, on a Burns Night supper that would be haggis, but considering the ingredients of real haggis I doubt it's something ponies would eat. Sheep are sentient creatures in Equestria, after all, so the traditional haggis will be replaced by a nice big chocolate pudding or something.