Canon Character list



List of Canon character who have a player in our chat. Forum currently do not use the same canon character policy unless the forum roleplay are planning on crossing over into Chat. All Manecast, Princesses, and Major Canon character that appears in the show must follow our Canon character policy in the rule.

If you see or own a character that is not on this list (Canon or BG), please let an RP Staff Member, Moderator, or Mayday know!

Mane cast - Players must be chosen to play these characters. They are not open for audition at all time but you can ask a Moderator/Mayday about them. These are Major Canon characters. They must follow Canon Character policy. Sometime there are more than one as back up. In general they are treated as different instances.

Secondary back up for manecast

Other Major character -  These character are sometime choosen and sometime user selected. You are free to ask but they are not open for audition at all time and we typically only keep one player per character, and they must follow Canon Character policy. If they are not taken or are inactive and you are interested in playing them, feel free to ask a mod or any mane cast.

  • Spike: Available ---> Twilight Sparkle

The Crusaders:

Apple Family:

  • Granny Smith: Available
  • *Braeburn: IHaveNoNick [Inactive]
  • *Big_Macintosh: IHaveNoNick [Inactive]

School age ponies:

The Cakes:


  • Hoity_Toity: Available
  • Photo Finish: Available
  • Sapphire Shores: Available
  • Fancypants: Feather_Quill [Inactive]
  • Fleur_De_Lis: AppleTart [Inactive]
  • Mare_Do_Well: Shared by Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack. 
  • Daring_Do: Oni_Sorasousha [Inactive]

Animal Companions:

  • Angel_Bunny: Available ---> Fluttershy
  • Winona: Pending ---> Applejack
  • Opalescence: Available ---> Rarity
  • Gummy: Available ---> Pinkie Pie
  • Philomeena: Available ---> Celestia
  • Owloysius: aspirations ---> Twilight Sparkle [Inactive]
  • Tank: DblSpark ---> Rainbow Dash
  • Peewee: Available ---> Spike



The Wonderbolts:

  • Spitfire: Sali
  • Soarin: Available 
  • Surprise: Iona [Inactive]


  • Shining_Armor: Available  ---> Cadance, Twilight Sparkle
  • Blueblood: Available 

Town ponies:


  • Silver_Star/Sheriff_Silverstar: Available
  • Trouble Hooves: Available


  • Zecora: Derby_Runner
  • Little Strongheart: Available
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey: Available
  • Matilda: Available
  • Iron Will: Available
  • Gustave LeGrand: Available
  • Mulia Mild: Available

 Equestria Girls:

  • Coming Soon

Wildlife / Other:

  • Cerberus: Non-playable
  • Changeling: Non-playable
  • Cockatrice: BlueThrush ---> Keep the Wild Dangerous
  • Dragon: Non-playable
  • The_Hydra: Admin ---> Keep the Wild Dangerous
  • Manticore: Admin ---> Keep the Wild Dangerous
  • Parasprite: Shinula
  • Phoenix: Admin
  • Quarry Eel: Kiwi ---> Keep the Ghastly Gorge Dangerous
  • Sea Serpenta: Non-playable
  • *Timberwolf: Cocoa The Ninja ---> Keep the Wild Dangerous [Inactive]
  • *Timberwolves: Cocoa The Ninja ---> Keep the Wild Dangerous [Inactive]
  • Ursa Minor: Ayame_ExGoddess
  • Windigo: Non-playable
  • Diamond Dogs: Non-playable
  • Plunder_Vines: Derby Runner ---> Keep the Wild Dangerous


Princess tier character:


Background Canon character - These character are usually choosen by user themselves. If they play them fittingly they can typically keep them. They do not need to follow stict Canon Policy. Some are not listed, if you have one and want to be listed, let me know. Generally the one listed as Background character here are considered background character.

Pending Inquiries - Nopony has asked for these characters yet, and we aren't quite sure if/when they'll be available for play. Any questions, please ask Mayday!

  • Goldie Delicious
  • Maud Pie
  • Prim Hemline
  • Trenderhoof
  • Ahuizotl
  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Dr. Caballeron
  • Mane-iac
  • Suri Polomare
  • Fleetfoot
  • Bulk Biceps
  • Cheese Sandwich
  • Gizmo
  • Jet Set
  • Upper Crust
  • Pony Joe
  • Lightning Dust
  • Ms. Harshwhinny
  • Ms. Peachbottom
  • Toe-Tapper
  • Torch Song
  • Seabreeze
  • Chimera
  • Cragadile


  • Pending: As in someone asked for it, currently waiting for approval.
  • Available: You can ask Mayday for it, either pub her, or whisper her directly
  • Admin: Character is only available to admins. They are generally event based.
  • Non-playable: These character are currently not available for play. We either have something planned for them, or they are not allowed in Ponyville. If you really want to play them, ask Mayday for explaination on why they are not avalable, and works things out depends on what kind of idea you have for them.
  • [Inactive]: Character is inactive and currently considering to be reopened. 
  • Event: That character is meant for a planned Event. They are either temporary, or not available. You can ask Mayday for detail.
  • --> : meaning that character have extra duty. Either answering to a specific character, or other functions. Ask Mayday for detail if you have question.