Canon Character Policy Update #3 among other things

For a while we wanted to try and see how character sharing would work for the sake of getting characters used more often, but if anything it has proven detrimental. A lack of communication between CC players and a feeling of not really having a real grip on a character that's shared as well as seeing which characters were un-shared vs. those that were, has led us to conclude that sharing CC's is not going to be in the best interest of anypony. Folks that have them don't feel like playing them, and the community is often without them, which is something that needs to be changed for the better. From now on there will be only 1 player for canon characters that are mane cast. They can still have back up player, but only if the canon character wants backup. 


Here are some Guidelines for how often we want to see them at the very least.

Mane Cast: At least twice a week!

Major Canon Characters: Maybe once a week?

For Minor Canon Characters + Fanon Characters: Once a month should be ideal.


Keep in mind, these number are very very low already, and they are not strict. however we should note that we will be watching Canon Characters for inactivity and if they are not active enough with CC in a reasonable but undefined time, we may look for someone else.


Also, Character Spring Cleaning is up! If you have canon character but no time to play them. Please info Mayday and she will organizes. Soon, we will make another post for Canon auditions. You can now see your character list in any of your character profile. Also, if you have character you wish to clear up, let Mayday know


We also added a new Non-canon / OOC room and are going to try fill it up so people can hang out! You are allowed to login with 1 more character (4 in total) if one of your character is in the OOC room.