Character Creation Guidelines and Rules



Rules concerning characters, mainly their species. See general Character Policy on the Rules page.


Basic Characters

  • Players must create one Earth Pony/Pegasus/Unicorn character as their first character.

  • Subsequent characters may be any of the following within reason but without needing moderation approval in advance.
    Races should be fitting of their race according to the show. (e.g. Cultures, places of origin, behaviours, etc)

    (Mods however may request you alter your character if unfitting, so feel free to ask just in case.)

    • Earth Pony/Pegaus Pony/Unicorn
    • Zebra
    • Diamond Dog
    • Deer
    • Buffalo
    • Breezy
    • Crystal pony
    • Bat Pony
    • Mundane animals (Cats/Dogs etc) (No they cannot talk)
  • Special character that will require moderator review and approval

    • Crossover/parody characters (Characters or species that are not in MLP)
    • Hybrids (Combinations of species)
    • Equestria Girls
    • Changelings
    • Dragons
    • Alicorns
    • Monsters
    • Constructs
    • Cephaloponies
    • Draconequus
    • Sphinxes
    • etc. (If it is not on either list, you must ask)

Special Characters

Characters that are restricted generally require moderator approval to be played, and have set rules that don’t apply to other characters.

Most restricted characters require you to have been playing in the chat for more than a month in good standing, as well as presenting the character to a moderator either via a short essay or a mock RP.


Crossovers and Hybrids

All crossovers are reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.



Changelings are special characters that require a lot of know-how and dedication to play properly.  Thus, they have a few restrictions that need to be met before one can play them:

  • You must have created your First Character at least 1 month with good standing prior to applying for a Changeling character

  • You must apply with a Moderator to play a changeling.  This includes writing up a short piece (no more than a few sentences to paragraphs are necessary, though you may write more if you like) on your intended character and their motivations.

  • You must be Championed by a Queen that is already established.  This should line up with where you will live and your motivations.


Iona (Ponyville) - A kind and generous Queen, she is at home in Ponyville and on good terms with the locals.  Her brood are helpful and use their abilities to blend in with or assist the local pony population.

Chrysalis (Badlands) - A conniving and devious Queen, she has been banished to the Badlands for her plots to overthrow Equestrian society.  Her brood are excellent spies and footmares.


Dragons are another special character type that require understanding and balance of the world.

  • You must have created your First Character at least 1 month with good standing prior to applying for a dragon character

  • Dragons come in three types: Baby, Teen and Adult

    • Baby Dragons are small and haven’t developed many of their abilities, though they may learn unusual and interesting ways of employing the ones they do have.  They are valued as companions and assistants.

      • Baby Dragons are available with moderator approval and are limited in quantity

    • Teen Dragons are strong and robust characters, having developed many of their latent dragon abilities.  However, they are also impetuous and volatile, and are relatively difficult to control or be around.

      • Teen Dragons are available with moderator approval but are limited to certain areas in the chat, mainly The Wilds.

    • Adult Dragons are enormous, powerful creatures with their own unique abilities and temperaments.  They tend to be solitary by nature, but will congregate with other dragons in order to search for food and mate in large migrations once every few years.

      • Adult Dragons are not available for play outside of special events


Where do Alicorns come from? Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been rare instances where a mare, one of strong spirit and pure heart, who embodies and demonstrates the true spirit of ponykind, be she Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Pony can become an Alicorn Pony.

Alicorns are ponies that have shown exceptional talent and ability, having unlocked previously unknown powers within themselves to gain access to an entirely new dimension of magic.  Alicorn magic is very powerful, and thus alicorns are beloved, respected, and often feared by their subjects, friends, and foes alike.  The process for becoming one is obscure at best, but these are the requirements:

  • You must have created the character applying to become an alicorn at least 1 month prior to applying.

  • You must apply with a Moderator to have the character transformed.  Depending on your character’s roleplay history, you or your character may be required to perform different tasks to prove your worth.  These are not doled out lightly nor are they reviewed as such.

  • If you are successful, you will have your powers established by a sitting Princess, your character transformed officially, into a powerful Alicorn.  The rest, as they say, is up to you.



Monsters are special creatures that are not only relatively unique to the world of Equestria but are also very dangerous and have a wide variety of behaviors and habitats. Monsters generally keep to the outlying areas of Equestia, but occasionally venture into populated areas, usually leaving havoc and confusion in their wake.

For a player to control a monster, they must not only have a good bit of experience roleplaying, but they must also understand the limits imposed on a monster’s behavior and how to properly interact with standard characters, even when the players of those characters may be less than… cooperative.

The requirements for monsters are as follows:

  • You must have created your first character at least 1 month before suggesting a monstrous character.
  • Monsters must be approved by Moderators.  If there are too many of one kind of monster, new ones may be disallowed.
  • Monsters are generally located in The Wilds (Everfree Forest, Greater Equestria, etc.) and do not go into town except for rare events.
  • Monsters are high risk characters for normal interaction and may be considered “hostile”.  If so, characters need to take great care in avoiding provocation.  If a monster is provoked in its home territory (The Wilds) then they are allow to trap and/or eat your character.  (This is not permanent, but is effectively a two day character ban.)


Uncommon in the magical land of Equestria, to the point where just about every pony has no idea what a robot even is. Artificial, created by hoof, Constructed Ponies are just that. Ponies made from various materials: metal, wood, cloth, glass and other things.  They can serve various purposes, designated by their creators, sometimes have little more purpose than scientific discovery by mad genius. Most Constructs, not being alive as such, very seldom have true intelligence. However on rare occasions, some(usually those of the magical kind) grow a sense of self and begin to question their existence.


Includes all artificial characters, such as robots and golems.

Note: While constructs may be created in likeness of pony types (Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth Pony) they do not have any inherint magic of any kind, regardless of power source.



  • You must have created your initial normal pony character, and had them in use for at least 1 month.
  • Character must be presented and explained via short essay or mock RP and then approved by moderator. (Include the IC purpose of the character)
  • All robotic characters must be fit the setting in terms of style(No space age sci-fi tech), and be powered by one of the following and nothing else: Magic, Clockwork or Steam. Electricity is acceptable within certain parameters.
  • Constructed characters cannot have innate magic of any kind regardless of powersource. (Includes Unicorn, Earth, Pegasus magic)
  • All automation characters must have a creator. Creators may be implied or a played character by the player of the automation or another player.


Equestria Girls
See Equestria Girls: Rules and Guidelines