The City of Mane

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Greenling

Location: Eastward of Canterlot, located in a lush valley surrounded by low sloping peaks

Room: The Other Room

Description:  The city of Mane was founded by a herd of displaced ponies from every breed. The location of the settlement was lush and green, with blue skies and greenery everywhere. It soon grew, attracting ponies from every walk of life, and the small burg still enjoys an influx of tourists during the winter months to experience the unsually mild but snowy winters. With its newfound success and wealth, the town began to focus on the natural beauty of its citizens. Ponies with slender forms and long manes are considered the norm, and while most are friendly to other ponies, the small are regarded with bemusement.

Time announced to roleplay: 2011-8-5