Danger Journal of Crescendo Kite (Warning, long.)

Dear Journal,

It's been 4 years since my last entry into your pages.   I'm no longer boxing on the Heavy Stallion ranks.  Quit two years ago.   I've got a new job, I love it.  I get to roar at bad creatures or ponies.   Life is grand, isn't it?


Yeah, it isn't.  For all my duties, for all the range that Ponyville is,  I can't help ponies that go into the Everfree Forest unless they ask me or I feel it's just that important.  Out of jurisdiction is what one pony told me when I had talked to them.  I felt like just headbutting them, try to pull them back to their senses.

For all the ponies out there despite this, I do love them all.  Ponyville is my home.  I just wish my home had as great of ponies as my friends who got me to the hospital.   I never thought I'd be the writing type.  Speaking of which, after I get the all clear, I have to talk to the Mayor about special circumstances.


Now onto why I'm writing in you, Journal.  The Ponies who have iron manes and tails and charge into the Everfree Forest as if it were a little bit of a forest paradise.  Every single time one of those carazy ponies rush in there, I feel like I'm going to burn my afromane.  Why, you may ask?  I'm scared by Celestias Tail that something is going to happen to them, and that I could have stopped it if I had been there.   Take for example AppleTart with her pet, Sweetie.  Why a pet you ask?  AppleTart is an explorer and Sweetie is a large cobra. 

I let AppleTart talk about the situation, and asked her to let me help.  I was apprehensive, but I trust the ponies I protect in town.  How else could they give me their own trust?  Sweetie coiled on my leg and I tried to teach the cobra to nod.  Afterwards, I told AppleTart to try and teach Sweetie to nod the rest of the way so that ponies would stop being frightened of the friendly snake.   Then it happens, the cry for help.  Inkymarks who had tried to find AppleTart went into a den of a Drake Snake.  AppleTart learned her lesson after making the snake leave, or so I hope.

It just gives more weight to my words that these ponies need a way for me and every other officer to have jurisdiction at least on the actual maintained paths of the Everfree Forest so we can help during these times of crisis.

My little sister clued me in that apparently I'm respected and admired around town.  If I had even half of what she was talking about, those ponies would come search me out and ask for help.  Do they ever do so?  No, they do not.  I worry over every single one of those ponies and all the stress landed me in the hospital.

When you love your home, you want to be the loyal and honest guard.  I really really hate keeping secrets from ponies.  Especially when it could help them.  Especially when they see that they have nothing to fear from this pony.  Well Journal, lets get more out of this pencil and you, shall we?

Thunderball, a word both strong and mysterious.  I'm his friend, or so I thought.  He's got it in mind to do something for Nightmare Moon.  I'm terrified that she has a hold on him and is making him build whatever project that is.  He was mentoring me to try and be a great guard.  How great can you be when the one friend who could glean so deeply into your past builds a temple to the scariest thing out there, and that you couldn't help them because it scared you too much?  That you felt that you couldn't save them?

I'm starting to have a love/dislike relationship with hospitals, I have to be honest with you.  Everytime I'm admitted into one, it feels like I miss the bigger danger.  It was like that for the Glooze episode a few times.  Though, that colt we got out of it, Sable Night, was worth it in some ways.  By Celestias Mane, I hope Apple Bumpkin doesn't run into something that takes her prisoner.  That mare is close to making me faint with worry.  At least with Applejack, she has her hooves in the ground about her friends and Ponyville.

Then there is of course, Iona and Skyblaze.  Back 14 years ago, Windwalker and Orchid had another kid.  I'm brother to two amazing fillies.  Yet everytime they ask me to keep a secret, it makes me sad.  I want to grow closer to my family, bond with them.  They don't need to hide from family.  Why do they tell me these secrets of all things?  It's as if they want me to go crazy.  I want them to bond with me, but it feels like I've let them down.  What does bravery help with if you're too stubborn to accept it from the ponies you call friend?  Or even family?  Celestias tail, I wish Spitfire was around.  Big cousin, I know you could help me see things.   I just want to be a good big brother to the two.

I've gained so much here in Ponyville, and all I had to do was leave Canterlot behind.  At least no one cares to look in the journal of a silly Stallion, otherwise I'd be the gossip of town.   I miss a lot of ponies, and everyday I don't get to see all my friends is a day unfulfilled.  I miss Violet too.  I hope whatever has happened, that she gets to say goodbye at the very least if shes going to vanish like she has.

What do you take away from this, Crescie?   How about, that you are just one pony in a town full of amazing ones.  Let them help you, even if you feel you can handle it on your own.  You don't need to be alone in town anymore.

This is Crescendo R. Kite, my journal.  I'll write in you again sometime.