Easter Egg Hunt!

Event Data: 
Sat, 2012-04-07 00:00 - Tue, 2012-04-10 18:00

As seem from here! It will start on Saturday, 04/07/2012, at 00:00 server time!

Anyway, we are going to run a easter egg finding contest! Mostly to add roleplay! We have a list of hinder (referees) here:

Shinula, Moon Star, OrionShadow, Obsidian, Macabre Haze, Twilight Sparkle

The specific room schedule here that we will try to monitor the best: 

April, 7th, Saturday April, 8th, Sunday April, 9th Monday April, 10th Thusday
SAA Library, Other Hub RA

Together, they hidden 59 eggs across Ponyville! 

You can see the tracker / hint list here

How does this work? Simply roleplay looking for eggs! The list is not hard set, if you made something funny, interesting, insightful, or just generally entertaining happen from finding egg, the referee can reward ponies with points (up to 3 point a day per finder)! At the end of this 4 days event we will sum it up and see how ponies are doing, and do some In character award thingy! It is mostly just for fun, so we will see! Hit the jump for details.

Technical specification:

  1. To make it easy for us, please select only ONE character out of your list to be the easter egg finder! 
  2. No registration is necessary, everyone is a finder long as they roleplay anything related to finding egg! 
  3. The point have no real value to anything, it is just for fun!
  4. The refs, bascially will just watch the room and see where you are looking, they might whisper you and tell you you are hot or cold, they might not if they are busy, please don't ask them to watch you or ask them if you found anything repeatedly. They will whisper you if you did! Just try and enjoy the roleplay and take whatever you do get as a bonus element! 
  5. Style point that are rewarded freely are up to the ref, they can give finder one point per day, they can give out as many point (or as little) as they want a day, and each finder can recieve at most 3 point a day.
  6. You can find as many egg as you want, but do be considerate and not to spam the room with word and action!
  7. Those are chocolate egg, normal egg sized*.
  8. Let's say they are made by Sugar Cube Corner and bought by the Mayor to give out for pony to hide if you want to be really technical.
  9. Let's not get into how Easter are founded in Equestria, cause we don't know! 
  10. The schedule for the room just mean that we will try to focus on those room in those specific day, it doesn't mean you can't find eggs in other room in that day! It is to make the ref's life easy.
  11. If you have question, ask in here

* with some exception