Equestria Girls: Rules and Guidelines



Equestria Girls: Rules and Guidelines

Room Rules

  • All pre-existing site rules also apply to the EQG room. This includes character bios, adding locations, general etiquette etc.

  • No permanent magic of any sort aside from Canon Characters. This includes magical artifacts. Seek moderator approval if unsure.

  • RP should be in the style of Equestria Girls.

  • Only EQG characters (i.e. Humans) are allowed in the room.

Character Rules

General EQG Character Rules

  • General EQG Character rules apply to both Human Born and Portal Transferred characters.

  • Any EQG character made must have an already existing pony character profile that has existed for at least a month, and has been roleplayed as a pony.

  • EQG characters can either be created as being born in the Human World, or start as a pony in Equestria and transfer to Canterlot High through a portal(See Portal Transfers below).

  • EQG characters may not be roleplayed in any room except Canterlot High. (Whispers and OOC room is fine.)

  • Do not create new character accounts for EQG characters, simply add human information to already existing pony character account.

Portal Transfers

  • A portal transfered character, is a character that was born as a pony in Equestria, and then sent through the portal to live as a human. e.g. Sunset Shimmer

  • Transfers must be approved of by a Princess, and performed in character. No exceptions.

  • The character can return to Equestria whenever they want but to go back to Canterlot High they need Princess approval again.

  • You can only transfer characters who were originally ponies. You may not transfer a character born as a human into Equestria.

  • You may only transfer characters who are older than 1 month and have been roleplayed as ponies.

  • Make sure to put information on the character profile regarding what your pony looks like as a human.

Human Born Characters

  • A Human Born character is a character that was born in the human world and has never been to Equestria. e.g. Vice Principal Luna

  • You may create an alternate version of a pony character who was born as a human character, native to the human world.

  • This type of human character cannot Portal Transfer into the pony world.

  • This type of character must still adhere to having an already existing pony profile, and must exist on that profile. Do not make a new one.