A Few On-The-Road Hints

Hey everypony, Sandy Rivers here! Now, you don't need me to tell you that living on the road can be scary. There's a lot of things you need to know to get by but luckily you have me to give you the survival tips you need to survive!


Now, most ponies will tell you that the first thing you need to prepare yourself for is nightfall and they're entirely wrong but their heart is in the right place. Before you can get through the night, you need to get through the day first and that means having food and water. Here's a tip for packing your food- only pack what you need to balance your diet; don't pack your complete diet. There's plenty of food to eat out on the road if you're not afraid to look for it! The plains and forests are covered in perfectly-edible grass to fill your tummy and that beautiful flower, while nice to smell, is just as nice for a snack on the go! Now, these foods are very low in fiber so when packing your meals, take plenty of grains and oats to balance out your diet and you'll be just fine! Here's a tip: tree leaves are far more nutritious than grass so whenever you can, take a nibble from a low-lying tree branch or if you're feeling adventerous, try climbing a tree for an activity that's both fun and life-threatening!

Now, far more important than food is water. You need to drink plenty if you want to stay focused and hydrated on the road and it's much too easy to run out when the journey doesn't go as planned. In these instances, don't panic! Equestria, for the most part, is rich in streams, rivers and lakes. However, never ever EVER drink from standing water. Puddles, ponds and swamps are teaming with bacteria, parasites and Hydras, none of which you want to run into when you're already dehydrated. Especially not the parasites, and ESPECIALLY not the bacteria. Hydras generally rate pretty high on the 'don't-want-to-run-into' list as well, hydrated or not. Always look for running or waning water to get a refreshing drink and re-fill your canteen. However, sometimes you find yourself in a dire situation and standing water is all you can find. A trick I learned from a friendly zebra is that instead of drinking directly from the standing water, dig a hole with your hoof next to the water. Soil is an incredibly effective filter for sorting out the worst that standing water can threaten you with (except the Hydra part. Digging doesn't seem to get rid of those) and your hole will act as a make-shift well for purified water. Here's a tip: Having a crazy-straw makes drinking from your hole both an easy and entertaining activity for yourself and spectators!

Finally, you've survived through the day and it's on to night time! Plenty of ponies will tell you that you need a sleeping bag and a tent. Those ponies are softer than the goose-feather pillows they sleep on. Besides, who wants to lug around a big, heavy tent and sleeping back all day? Not me! Similar enjoyment can be found from rocks. Rocks are like natures pillows and gravel is like Earth's water bed! Find yourself a nice spot with plenty of hard, stony surfaces until you find that one, special place to lay down your head. Place an extra-firm rock beneath your head to act as a pillow, or stack two on top of each other for added support and enjoy your luxurious night beneath the stars! Looking like rain? Think of it like a shower from the clouds! And wind is nothing more than a cozy fan to let your mane flow free in. Wake up in snow? Why, it's an igloo that builds itself! And hail is just a... an aerial massage or something like that. Here's a tip: Longing for the comforts of nature at home? Why not bring some rocks home with you! Constructing your own rock bed is easy and can be done in the comfort of your own back yard. Just consult your local hardware store for instructions!

Well, until next time I'm Sandy Rivers urging you all to be safe in that big, wide world out there!