Four Walls Foundation



The Four Walls Foundation is a non-profit organisation that seeks to provide housing for the less fortunate and homeless ponies in Equestria. Through the power of community, the Four Walls Foundation will build homes on designated plots of land with the help of experienced contracting professionals that will supervise and oversee the building of the homes. This organisation is purely volunteer-based, and is happy to accept anypony who happens to apply. The Four Walls Foundation builds will take place mostly on Sundays, but the time and date can vary.


Fundraising events for the Four Walls Foundation will be held regularly, and it is encouraged that ponies who wish to help out participate in these events to raise money for those in need. Donations of money, building supplies, tools or even plots of land to build on are gladly accepted. Any kindness a pony can give is always appreciated, especially when they donate something of their own; like their money, materials, or their time. The mission of the Four Walls Foundation is to improve life for the under-privelaged families and individuals of Equestria, 

Speak to Handsome_Mike, founder of the Four Walls Foundation if you would like to volunteer--Private message, in-chat message, or simply comment down below and you will be added to the roster. 


Current Roster:


Handsome_Mike -- Founder