Gallery FAQ


This gallery is designed for content creator, you will need to have permission from the original creator of the writing/drawing to post them here! We wish to respect the original creator of the material in this site!

Basic guideline: Keep it non-explicited! When in doubt, mark it Questionable! Off topic stuff are fine long as you keep most of your stuff Pony! 


You can upload Drawing, Writing (Document, Illustrated document), Flash file, and video.


To become an artist / writer and start uploading stuff:

  • First, go here to sign up, and login! 
  • Once you are logged in, click on your icon on top left of the site to go to your Userpage.
  • You can create a gallery if you don't have one, by going to your Setting page. It is also accessable on top left.
  • Once you did that, simply click New item to add stuff to your gallery.

If you need to find your gallery again, it is access from your userpage. Click on your avatar on top left will go there.


To browse the gallery:

Other resource:


If you have any question or comment or suggestion, check our discussion here!