Gravenstein Manor

A strange structure has reappeared on the edge of the Everfree Forest in the Wilds, not far from the Froggy Bottom Bog!


Unknown to all but the most knowledgeable ponies, the house has always been there. It was built long ago by a wealthy family drawn to the area by the prosperity of the little town of Ponyville. The family lived there for generations, and became quite wealthy. A few decades ago they moved to Canterlot and left their old homestead mansion abandoned. It was reclaimed by the Everfree Forest and vanished from the memories of all but the oldest town residents.


But now, a new family has moved in. They purchased the delapidated structure and the land around it. They cleared just enough of the forest to provide themselves with a yard, but the Everfree still has much influence on the house and its environs. This is Gravenstein Manor. The house is a gothic structure, with a peaked roof and a wrap-around porch and a tall tower that appears to stare down at visitors with its eye-like windows. The house is encircled by a rusty wrought-iron fence, its gate hanging on one hinge. Man of the windows of the house are broken, and the shutters bang in the wind. If not for the sounds of voices, laughter, and organ music rising from within, one might assume tht the place was still abandoned.


The family are creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky, but aside from that, they are just as friendly and loving as any family in Ponyville. Stop by for a visit, if you dare...