The Haunted Glade

Owner: Shadow Orchid
Location:  North of Ponyville
Room: The Wilds 

A glade far enough North of Ponyville to be out of range of all magical detection.  As you enter you will notice the topography is that of a large bowl with a raised dome in the center.  At the bottom of the round trough created runs a small brook.  Most of the rim of the bowl is smooth but in the Northwest area, it becomes sharp and actually overhangs inside a bit creating an alcove, and on the Northeast, it breaks to allow the stream to exit. 


Flowers of every imaginable variety line both sides of the trough and cover the dome.  On the top of the dome are two spots of soft mossy ground where Shadow Orchid entertains guests.  Around the rim are thick trees which obscure the interior from outside inspection until you are right on top of it.  South of the alcove is a garden of various edible plants including a special section of rare peppers for MojitoJoe.  Inside the alcove there are various nooks and crannies, each stuffed with potion ingredients and various experiments in various stages of completion, on the South end is a cookfire with a large cauldron and near that, a raised pool of water.  Vines drape over the edge of the alcove making it hard to see inside when they are loose but they can be magically tightened to seal out all outside view and weather.


The glade has been stumbled upone once or twice by random explorer ponies.  Their reports are sketchy but vary between 'magically protected' to 'haunted' leaning toward 'haunted'.  When outsiders visit, the trees and flowers react violently binding the interlopers with vines until their intent can be ascertained.  Peagasus ponies end up in the same situation should they attempt to land inside.


It has been noted that KiteCres' ears cannot reach the glade.  Also the magical defenses rely on Shadow Orchid's presence, if she is not there, they don't work.   That said, she does have wards set up to warn her if somepony has entered so she can respond accordingly.