Ideals of the Site

Or: Why the Rules?


The goal of this site is to duplicate the atmosphere of the Equestria in the show. 


Why only PG?


Most of the community is interested in the innocence and peacefulness of the original environment in the current MLP season. If you add in elements of violence, overly grim-dark overtones, and sexuality, you're taking away from people what brought them here in the first place. We want to encourage you to make friends, and be a friend. When there are conflict, we want them to be like how it is in the show. For example, depressing and dark past are handled with subtleness and tact that are suitable for a friendly atmosphere.


Why no lethal force?


You could say that PG would allow some of that that, but the lack of lethal force is to keep in the spirit of the show. While there may be the threat of danger at some points. Nopony ever gets seriously hurt or dies. The same will be true here. We aren't changing that.


Why no shipping (implied or otherwise) with canon characters?


They need to be free to be played as they are in the show. On top of that, they're sometimes played by multiple people. It's also so that they're free to interact with others. And shipping only applies to relationshipping or predetermined relationship. If you're interested in shipping with other OCs, there's nothing against you doing so. Just keep PDAs within the guidelines of the general rule.


Why nothing fetishy?


It doesn't belong here. That's the long and short answer. There are _lots_ of other places where you can play fetishy characters, and you can do so there to your heart's content.


What is MLP spirit?


Bascially, follow the show as example of what works and what doesn't work. If your character contridict the common design we see in the show, you should have _very_ good reason for that beyond "just to be cool" or "just want to try something new". It should be something not just you, but those ponies in Ponyville can generally follow. Remember, when everything is special, nothing is.


We want anything special to truely feel special here, not drowning in a sea of oddities.


More detailed list is here if you want to understand how we interperate the show.