Local Fire Reveals Shocking Truths

** The front page of everypony's newspaper is plastered with that bold headline and there is a picture from the outside of a home looking in at a wall that has been completely smashed out. All the walls have been burned and singed and inside there are stacks of stuffed animals, precious metals and jewels, burned pictures and singed documents all covered in extinguisher foam. The floor appears to be covered in a puddle of once-molten silver. **


At 10 AM on the 7th of September, a fire broke out in the Residence of Iona Armwing and Mayday Sunnyside. Residents poured out of their homes to see the destruction, including this reporter. In what was originally suspected to be a case of Arson, this reporter found much, much more. Clearly photographed in this room is a stash of precious things. Fine gems and metals, treasured possessions and even pictures of a loving family. At its center is a blown-up photograph of a dragon, believed to have been living at the local residence. You can see the singe marks originate from the center of the room, just above the area where a large quantity of pure silver was melted into the floor. Something in this room was exuding incredible flashes of heat; heat that regular burning wood couldn't hope to produce. From the cracks in the front of the house, you can see that something large was forced through the wall and if you look closely at the wood grain, you can identify what appears to be claw marks, much too large for a baby dragon to create. However, the most confirming evidence comes from the front lawn where a smoldering crater can be found just below the hole in the window where burning claw prints can be found leaving the premises, along with further drops of silver. While we have not yet heard any confirming evidence from the local authorities, some believe that the baby dragon taking up residence here has experienced a transformation not unlike our local Library Assistant Spike and is able to create such intense heat that it melts pure metal. There have not yet been any confirmed reports of a growing dragon on the loose but citizens are advised to exercise caution.


However, that wasn't the only thing discovered at the scene. When this reporter arrived, she found things that some of you with a weaker constitution may wish to avoid. (( Story Continues on Page A5 ))


** The top half of Page A5 is one gigantic image, blown up so that some of the film grain is visible but the subject matter is unmistakable: There is a tall, slender Changeling with a singed mane inside the burned building. She appears to be leaving with a much younger, much smaller pony though she appears to be wearing some kind of changeling disguise. **


There is a confirmed Changeling among us. Reasons as to why this Changeling was found at the Armwing/Sunnyside residence are unknown but her connection to the fire are confirmed by the singing of her mane. From her height and defined stature, is it possible that another Changeling Queen has come to conquer Ponyville? Is it possible that she enraged the Dragon to incite fear in its citizens? And what of this young pony disguised as a Changeling herself? Will the Changelings come for your foals next? And why was this Changeling at the Armwing/Sunnyside residence to begin with? Is it possible that Iona and Mayday have been harboring a Changeling this whole time? The household is certainly no stranger to taking up non-ponies as residents. How can you keep yourself and your family safe from a potential Changeling Invasion? Be sure to get the Sunday edition for the Lifestyle section hints and tips for how you can survive the apocalypse.