Locations (Maps)




Map of Ponyville and surrounding (Canon, Regular roleplay, including Room structure)

For room structure and where is what: See Notable Locations

This is what we use for our roleplay rooms, The wild, Residential Area, The Hub, Twilight's Library surrounding, Sweet Apple Acres and the fields Rooms


Map of Equestria (Canon, Regular roleplay)

This is what we use for Regular roleplay in Canterlot, Cloudsdales, and Appleloosa, and "other" rooms.



Equestria and beyond ( Non-canon. Not for roleplay. Approved event only, please talk to moderator before using those in background or events)

Mostly for background story and events only, please talk to Moderator before using location in that map




Map (Best to ask Moderator before using any non-canon location for background or roleplay or events):

• Rough Map of Ponyville by Aurebesh (Canon)

Map of Equestria by Hasbro (Canon)

Map of the area around Ponyville by YoorPorick (Non-canon)

• Map of Equestria and surrounding by hlissner (Non-canon)

Major locations:

• Equestria

Main locations

• Ponyville • Everfree Forest

Locations inside Ponyville

• Sweet Apple Acres • Home of Fluttershy • Carousel Boutique • Library • Sugarcube Corner


Other cities / town

 • Canterlot • Appleloosa • Cloudsdale • Manehattan • Trottingham • Fillydelphia


Also see Notable Locations for list of specific locations includin canon and OC locations.

For Original locations: From official Roleplay Policy:

Each Original Roleplay location of note will need to submit detailed information for approval, see map page for information.