Masquerade Ball & Mask Hunt!


Nightmare Night is almost here! And to help us celebrate we have specially commissioned from Scarlet and Pinkie Pie for their downtown co-hosting Masquerade Ball in the town hall are four special Vencian style masks hidden away through out the town. Each mask is that of one of four special special beings of Equestrian history and yours to keep if you find them. The masks in question are special and high quality, made by a master craftspony from Canterlot, they are depictions of Celestia, Luna, Discord and the lady of honor herself Nightmare Moon. If you find them not only can you be the pride of the ball wearing them, each pony wearing one of these special masks will earn prizes!


As for the party itself, it will be held indoors at the Town Hall. There will be held a masquerade ball for all the ponies who wish to participate. Come in with your best costume and best masks. Its a game of fun and mystery as no one who enters aught to know who anyone else is there. Party, dance, enjoy everyone's company in mystery. At the end of the night and after a lovely costume contest we all reveal ourselves in surprise! Outside the town hall a classic Ponyville traditional gala of events will be held. There will be games, food vendors and other fair ground treats for all to enjoy on this fantastic night. Enjoy a good game of spider toss, pumpkin chunkin, bob-for-apples, and other fun delights. Also a stage will be erected for musicians to play their hearts out and for the public. Have a safe and fun holiday everypony!