A matter of Hooves and Stars

  - There is a note pinned to the front door of Cyber Hooves' and Violet Star's house:

"Hey there everypony. Little note from Violet and Cy. We've both got a lot on our plates currently, what with Cy trying to move the business up to Ponyville and all the logistics and stuff that go with that, and I myself, having finished up my advanced Thaumaturgical exams, now need to head away and train myself spiritually for a bit. Can't really say what for, but hey, should be a great adventure. 

        We're both really sorry that we haven't had much of a chance to say goodbye. Things just unfolded on heck of a lot faster than we'd anticipated. Cy may be around here and there but I doubt my trip to some form of enlightenment will give me much time for frivolities and casual visits.

        I'll make sure to visit one last time though as I have one or two... loose ends to tie up before I go away on this trip. As for the house, as of today it's open to anypony who needs shelter. There are a lot of rooms and facilities for anypony to use, don't worry about rent, just keep the place clean. And stay out of the basement! Cy's lab and my study aren't to be disturbed. Aside from that, enjoy the place while we can't. The cloud loft also extends a few rooms to Pegasi. Feel free to change your rooms to suit your style, just leave the main ones alone. 

        At the end of the day though, thanks so much everypony for making us feel welcome here. We've both had a fantastic time with you all, and we will again in the future when things have settled down again. For now though, toodles, and I hope you all have a great time!"


- Violet Star and Cyber Hooves