More Tips for the Adventurer in You!

Hey there, Everypony. Sandy Rivers here, professional map-maker and owner of Rivers Cartography, to tell you what you need to know to survive in that crazy, mixed-up world we live in!


We're well into the winter months now and I'm sure you've made sure to stay warm and cozy for the season. After all, you wouldn't want to be out there during this time of year. Snow cover can turn an easy walk into a treacherous hike, make a clear path impassable and transform a lake into a deadly trap! Uncharted territory is the last place you want to be when there's snow and ice. Of course, I'm sure all you smart adventurers know that already and have hunkered down until the spring thaw but lets face it, staying cooped up is the last place a wandering pony like yourself wants to be so here's a few hints and tips to stave off cabin fever!


If you're anything like me, you've collected a LOT of data throughout the warmer months. Plant samples, animal sketches, topographical features- the list goes on! If you didn't already do it this year, make sure to plan for next year and leave your compiling for the winter. You'll have plenty of time inside to process the information. Formalize your sketches, classify your plants and animals, compile and compress your maps; all great ways to spend time. It not only keeps you busy, but it's productive too! Now, I know that there are some of you that can't spend their whole winter just processing information regardless of how fun it is. For those action-hungry, thrill-happy individuals, there's no better way to satisfy your need for excitement than with a good book! Try something by Tom Clappy or Ayn Rind- or for the truly adventurous ponies, try an author you've never heard of before. I'm sure that'll get your heart pumping! Why, I can't hold back the excitement of experiencing a new author for the first time!


But even that can't keep you busy all winter; I can tell you from experience. After reading the same book for the thirtieth time, you begin to realize that you're probably going to have to go outside sooner or later. And no, I'm not talking about 'The Wild' outside. No, I mean civilization. Cities and towns offer convenient amenities such as plowed, paved streets, libraries and farriers. Winter is a good time to get your hooves looked at. After all, you're going to need them pretty soon when you're trudging through mud or scaling steep cliffs. Use this down time to provide them with some extra care so they're stronger than ever when you're back at it! Another advantage to civilization is that there are other ponies around. This provides you with a unique opportunity to socialize. Other ponies can be quirky, interesting, funny or annoying. Try and improve your skills at interaction and identifying what varieties of ponies suit you best for companionship! After all, other ponies can offer a wealth of entertainment that you couldn't have on your own. Just don't get too attached because you'll be back into the wild soon enough.


And hey, if all else fails, try and find a hobby! There's plenty of things out there to do such as: Calligraphy - Learning to play an instrument - Playing pranks - Making ice cream - Classical painting - Rock collecting - Bean counting - Metalworking - Ice carving - Hole digging - and more! Just find something that suits you and hang in there! Winter will be over soon enough and you'll be back on your hooves, braving the wild, green yonder!


-Sandy Rivers