Mushroom's Manehattan Mugs



     'Mushroom's Manehattan Mugs' is a moderately sized Tea House/Cafe venue, located in the "HUB room", across from Town Hall. It offers a calm, casual cafe setting appropriate for any and all ages. Physical features of the building are a small platform of one foot in elevation used as a stage, for aspiring local artists to perform on at pre-designated times; an outdoor patio section, fully furnished, for use by denizens for lounging and dining as well as an indoor lounge; and a glass display case under thesales counter for the goods baked on that day.

     Everything sold in the shop that is made by the owner, Mushroom, is completely organic, madefrom scratch and made fresh on a daily basis. All baked goods not sold are to be distributed to needy pony shelters, orphanages, food pantries and hospitals. Any items sold from other creators are chosen carefully, good choice (wholesome ingredients used) verified and consist mainly of wares from local organizations and suppliers. Any fruit or dairy comes directly from local suppliers and farmers. 

     The shop can be accessed at any hour of the day, however Mushroom may not always be present running it, so it can be assumed that any random, non-specific background entity will be supervising. Ponies are encouraged to stop by at anytime!