News on Town Guard's Disbandment and New organization


Originally, Town guard was assembled as a temporary unit to counter the unknown threat lurking around Ponyville. However, as nature would have it intended, the least we know about our threat, the less effective our solution would be. Despite this, our Town guards did their job admirably against unlikely odd. They helped each and every one of us going through this crisis. Such a task was not easy and, should I say, it is remarkable that they managed it at all.


As time goes on, as threat has evaporated, the underlying effect of Town guards on Ponyville begins to surface. It is not that Town guard did not do its job. This failure lay on me, that I was not able to foresee the long term effect of such a special force in such a small community. The focus on this community has always been about the community itself. Town guards, however, have altered our goal heavily. I have no excuse beside that I panicked, and I reacted the best way I could with all the information I had at the time at an impending threat. For that, you have my apology.


In a way, it helped Ponyville grow, helped Ponyville understand that there are threat beyond our ability to take on without some organization. However, now that we can clearly see the misuse of this service having a lasting effect on Ponyville, I wish no longer to bare the responsibility for leading the town away from what it once stands for, the community itself. Therefore, I announce that effective immediately, we are disbanding the Town guard.


This is not the end of this annoucement. For crisis will continue to arrive at an untimely manner when Ponyville will be the least prepared. Therefore, we are assembling a new Community Response Unit. They will all be given basic first aid, survival, disaster respond, crisis respond and leadership training. Essentially they do the same thing Town guard always did, but rather than taking matter on their own and help Ponyville, they will be there to help Ponyville citizen organizes and help ourselves, to focus on getting them to assembles the rest of the community to help.

I hope we can remember these days, not for the day we disband the town guard, but remember this as the day where we say thank you to Town guards, for all the experience it have given us, to allow us to moves onto something better, to build a better Ponyville.


The Mayor of Ponyville


PS: All member of town guard are free to apply to be part of the Community Respond unit. With increased responsbility, we are likely to need even more pony. More information will be available soon!



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