Nightmare Moon's Temple

Once this was a grand temple built by Thunderball to honor Nightmare Moon after her glorious return. During its time of operation, it was a towering stone structure -pyramid shaped and ornately decorated. The roof was open to the night sky and in the center of it all was a stone statue of Nightmare Moon built by Marble Sheen. At the time, Thunderball would be seen meditating there quite often and now and again Sapphire Night a.k.a. Nightmare Jewel would pop in to terrorize somepony.

Towards the end of its existence, it was retrofitted by Octavia with lots of traps to keep the statue safe as well as a secret entrace to the Octave.

Unfortunately, the temple was destroyed by Nightmare Moon herself, controlling the statue in her likeness which then disappeared to parts unknown.

All that remains of the temple now is a large clearing in the Everfree Forest and piles of rubble which are being covered at an unusally fast rate by the forest, eager to reclaim the lost land and swallow another dark secret.