Nightmare Night 2014

Event Data: 
Fri, 2014-10-31 18:00 - Fri, 2014-11-07 17:00

Something spooky is happening in Ponyville!


Nightmare Night has returned and all over town, fun and frightful signs of the season are emerging.  Decorations are appearing suddenly everywhere, and the ruins of the old abandoned Vinmart Building have been transformed into something mysterious and terrifying, the centerpiece to this year’s celebration...


“Outside it still looks like the wreck it is, but inside select areas are glowing with blue and green lights to make it look a little more eerie and give it a bit of depth. The windows are lit up, too, seemingly by candlelight and strange shadows pass them now and again.  Around the top, there appear to be dozens of actual ghosts mulling about.  From the top are strung streamers and lights and lanterns which reach down to the lampposts in the square making the whole thing seem like a bizarre carnival tent.”




Beginning with Nightmare Night on October 31st and running to November 7th, Ponyville will celebrate a weeklong frightfest with sugary treats and devious tricks:


  • October 31st – Nightmare Night!  What a fright!  Festival week begins!

  • November 1st – All Souls Night!  Leave treats and things out for our friends beyond the veil!  Don’t forget to pay tribute to Nightmare Moon, lest she take offense!

  • November 2nd – Wickermare Burning!  Town bonfires and scary stories abound!

  • November 4th – Forest Walk!  A guided tour of some of the creepier areas of the forest!  Dare you enter the darker areas of Equestria?

  • November 7th – Peace Observance; Town restoration and feast.  Winter has arrived.


Come, don your costumes to fool the spooks!  Haunt your friends!  Feed your sweet tooth!  It’s deathly fun all week long!