Nightmare Night Contest details

Contest details as follow:
  1. Character must be in actual roleplay in the chat or forum, with their actual costume in the next four days between October 30 and November 2 2011
  2. costume can be in the form of text description, drawing, and / or whatever method that will shows other roleplayer what the costume look like
  3. You are encouraged to go around showing off your design ahead of time or after within those 4 days
  4. Costume entering the contest must be posted in this thread, with the character name, description / drawing /etc, optionally a small roleplay exchange to help me check better. 
  5. Top 10 character costumes (picked by me and Oni) goes into a front page poll for a week, more then one character can go onto the poll, but only one prize per person!
  6. Must be PG and suitable for younger audience viewing
  7. Entry dead line is November 3 2011. 
Prize: Link or Link
Top 3 prize = assorted my little pony goodies or one t-shirt from welovefine valued up to $25 + shipping
Judging will be base on humorous, pretty, creative, spooky, etc. It is really not meant to be a serious competition and more just for fun.
I will edit your post and mark it as "entered" after it is entered into the contest. So you don't need to ask if   your entry have been counted.
Note: Prize delivery are likely to be severally delayed because I am not in US. These guys don't even ship there and doesn't take out of country Credit card! We will work it out but you will eventually get prize if you win!
This is our first contest, so please be patient with us! Details are subjected to changes depends on difficulty or technical problem but we will make sure it is fair and fun for all!

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