A Note For Foals

A series of small notes can be found scattered in seemingly hidden places around Ponyville. Written on sheets of pale blue in shaky, childish, but articulate script is a question aimed at the younger members of the town, being placed carefully in places adult ponies rarely venture (on the underside of a schoolhouse stair; in the pages of picture books in Twilight's Library; a hoofful of these small letters sealed in paffrin wax can be found scattered around the downtown area):


It reads:

"Do you long for something MORE out of your summer??? If you're a filly or colt who wants more fun, some scares, and STRAWBERRIES, go to the park after dark any this week. A surprise is in store, but ONLY FOR THE FEARLESS~!"

The few little hoofprints left around these note sites are mostly worn away by day-to-day hustle and bustle.