Original Location Submission Guideline

We are getting a lot of original location of note ponies want to make, some serious, some silly, but anyway, we will need this from every pony so we can have some kinda originazation. So here is the new policy!

From official Roleplay policy:

Each Original Roleplay location of note will need to submit detailed information for approval, see this map page for information



And here is the "detailed information" and instruction for them!

1. They have to be fitting in the MLP of the show in spirit as much as possible. See rooms structure here

2. Each location of note should have a fully describled Wiki page, see example here.

3. Once you have a wiki entry, please make an IC Blog to announce it's appearance, see example here. It does not need to go on the front page if you don't want! Just some IC mention of it opening, whether it is an event, a notice, or even just an action signifying the completing of it's construction will do!

4. Once it is approved, it will show up here


Q: What is an Original location of note?

A: An Original location of note is some place that offer some special feature. For example, a Pharmacy, a Store, etc. Some place that are not seem in the show and some place that are not generic like an unremarked home. However, we encourage all location to be submitted!


Q: Does my location need to be there?

A: If it is not a generic location, or if you do want it to be recongized in general roleplay by more then just it's resident, then yes! Again, we encourage all location to be submitted!




Simple enough?