A peek into Apple_Bumpkin's Diary...

*A page from a diary seems to have escaped its owner and found itsself wrapped around a tree trunk near you.  You pick it up and read...

Dear Diary,

  Well, I did it.  It was the hardest think I think I ever done but its done.  I told ArcaneScholar and Swift_Bolt that it was time to stop with the love stuff and just be friends.

I knew that if I picked one or the other, that the one not picked would never forgive the other two and I couldn't let the relationship I'd built with either just die like that.

I do hope that someday soon I'll be ready for lovin again.  There are certain things I'm curious about that I haven't tried yet.  I need to grow up a bit first though and learn when its time to speak up and when its time to be quiet better.  I also gotta learn that bein in love with a pony means that you love that pony with all your heart and not half here and half there.  I think I'm finally seeing what the word 'commitment' really means.

Well, I'm gonna get some shut eye cuz today completely exhausted me.

-Apple Bumpkin

P.S.  I'm so excited to get my bandages off tomorrow!  Also Swift_Bolt is a great kisser! SQUEE! 

P.S.S. Archie keeps his emotions inside and it was driving me crazy.  Why couldn'  he cry like the rest of us?  Kinda ruined the moment...

P.S.S.S. I finally got my scarf back.  It stank so bad!  I don't think Swift washed it at all the whole time he had it!  I had ta wash it 3 times before it was even soft enough to put back on from all his sweat.  Ewww!