The Press Bar & Club




Owners and Managers: Duo, Yuri*, Billie*

Room: Library District
Staff List
Bartenders: Zalan*, John_Morris, Mic_Harmony, Wind_Breeze
Executive Chef: Bubblegum
Live music: DJ_Creep*, Vinyl_Scratch
Servers: PriorityRoll, Feather_Quill, Mic_Harmony (Now Hiring!) 
Security: Yuri*, Zalan*, MacabreHaze (Now Hiring!) 
* Indicates character is an NPC due to player departure.
Hours of Operation: Sundown to Sunrise. 
Description: Located in the library district at the former location of the Weekly Pony, The Press still maintains the outward appearance of a professional Newspaper office, except of course the brightly lit sign in front that says "THE PRESS Bar & Club". The club is soundproofed to keep from disturbing other residents of the Library district. 
First Floor: The main floor of the club is accessible immediately through the front doors. Featuring glazed wood floors, decorations in blacks, browns, and dark reds, the place has a bit of an old world feel, with some modern twists. The dance floor is large and lit with multicolored lights.  Around the main club floor are tables and serving counters. The main stage usually features a DJ Booth but other forms of live music will sometimes perform there as well. The stage also has a piano, and nearby is a jukebox for use when the DJ is not active. The bar sits beside the stage and serves food prepared by expert chef Bubblegum. A variety of dishes are available for any taste, including fresh caught fish dishes for Gryphon customers. The bar is stocked with MojitoJoe brand sodas and various juices giving the bartenders room to flex their creative muscles with all sorts of unique cocktails. Admission to the first floor is free (No cover charge). 
Second Floor: The stairs by the entrance lead to the VIP section, where esteemed friends (and paying customers) can relax in privacy, complete with a balcony view of the dance floor below, and a skylight above. Access to the VIP section is given via a monthly membership known as a "Press Pass." Press Passes can be purchased from the staff, at a rate of 20 bits per month. One year membership is discounted at 100 bits. A second bar exists here, and unlike the first floor this section is staffed by servers who will bring patrons' food to their tables, and take their orders rather than a trip to the bar being necessary. There are also game tables for private events and casual gaming, as well as a Billiards table. A slot machine exists up here as well, but it only accepts chips, not bits. All gaming done on this floor is played purely with chips that contain no actual monetary value, and are given for free every month to 'Press Pass' holders. Chips can be redeemed for free food, drink and prizes.  Additional chips can be purchased as well. 
Basement: (NOTE: Basement access is restricted. Unless your character has been specifically TOLD about the nature of the basement, it is a Storage Area. The basement is protected by a heavily reinforced door and magically warded to prevent spying and intrusion.)
The basement of the Press is labeled as a storage and staff only area, but in reality it's a secret VIP lounge far more exclusive than the second floor. Only the most trustworthy of ponies have knowledge of it. The baseent contains its own bar, private dining, its own bathrooms, a stage, and even a living area for certain staff members.
The main attraction of the private basement lounge, however, is the gaming area. The basement gaming area, unlike the one on the second floor, is live Las Pegasus style gambling, including blackjack, slot machines, and craps. However this establishment doesn't make its bits by financially breaking ponies, so there's a limit on how much one can spend in a month. It's not a place for ponies to ruin their lives, it's a place for ponies to have fun and maybe make some money if they're lucky.
The basement is magically protected, as well, so ponies will find their 'active' magical abilities severely dampened, if not completely nullified to prevent cheating. Strangely the staff seems to be unaffected by this. 
"Why don't you just admit it, you've never liked symmetry!"