The Press - Grand Opening and Announcement.

The Press

The Grand Opening will take place on Saturday the 20th of October, 8pm (servertime).
This flier can be found on the major news spots in the HUB and the Residential District -



Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to go to one of those old restaurants? You know the ones. The ones in Neigh Orleans with the poker games, the classy Jazz music and the burlesque dancers? Well, this is a whole like that but a significantly smaller amount of pieslingers.

Here at the Press, we offer unique, foreign experience that's sure to tickle your fancy no matter what kind of pony you are.
We aim to satisfy anyone who walks through the door.

With food, drink and a wide variety of entertainment centred around the theme of the class of the old-world, we hope to provide this town with a place where you can come to kick up your hooves, enjoy some good music and the company of friends in comfortable seats.

Hope to see some friendly faces and some new ones! - Billie Joan, Waitress and Staff-Manager.

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