Purple Dawn (The Glooze Event)

(All descriptions are as I (Apple_Bumpkin) understood them and subject to correction from the various characters involved.  Also I only know the parts I was involved in.  Other ponies where were involved in the quest to discover a cure for gloozed Apple_Bumpkin and a way to defeat Glooze should add those parts to this page.)


5/13/2011: A long dormant but slowly growing energy succeeds in bubbling to the surface of Ponyville.  Absorbing a pegasus feather it takes the shape of a pegasus pony.  It sees Rainbow_Dash and feels compelled to consume part of her energy.  An aereal battle ensues with Glooze acheiving his goal gaining speed and agility just before it is splattered across the sky by a sonic rainboom.  Apple_Bumpkin tastes some of the fallen Glooze and falls very ill.

A few hours later in the medical tent both Big_MacIntosh and Applejack visit the ill Apple_Bumpkin .  The glooze has taken hold of her body and she lashes out at Applejack, draining her energy.  Fluttershy was among a group who was soon to arrive to help and small amount was drained from her as well.  Glooze gained strength from Applejack and compassion from Fluttershy.  Apple Bumpkin sprouted glooze wings and dissapeared into the Everfree forest.


5/14/2011:  Apple_Bumpkin, having regained control of her person, has a chat in Central Ponyville with some of the citizenry culminating with a visit to Sweet Apple Acres to tell her family she's OK.  Applejack goes on the offensive and tells Apple_Bumpkin to clear out; convinced she's not the real Apple_Bumpkin.

Later that night, Glooze entered Carousel Boutique by force and drained energy from Rarity, escaping into the ground. 

Elsewhere, Apple_Bumpkin returned to town and continued her efforts to convince ponies that Glooze isn't evil.  After a brief 'engagement' with Braxia, she approached Twilight Sparkle in the library and tried to convince her to give her energy willingly.  Unseccessful and exhausted, she disappears into the ground.


5/15/2011: Glooze made a brief appearance to a few ponies.


5/17/2011:  Pinkie Pie was playing on the edge of town with Twilight Sparkle and a few friends when Glooze attacked. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to catch Pinkie Pie through strength.  He calls for a truce but when Pinky Pie is lured too close, Apple_Bumpkin flies out of him and latches onto her, draining her energy.  Twilight thinks quickly and teleports in a sprayer filled with liquid rainbow and sprays Apple_Bumpkin and Pinkie Pie.  Apple_Bumpkin is freed from the glooze but falls into a comatose state.  Glooze is enraged at the loss of his only friend, he triples in size from Pinkie Pie's energy and is last seen flying away from Ponyville and into Cloudsdale taking it over and turning the whole place sickly purple and causing it to rain acidic glooze drops.

*** The Battle for Cloudsdale

Princess Luna appears with the Wonderbolts to assist in organizing a mass counter-offensive against the glooze, using a mass cloudwalking spell on them and transporting them by balloon.  Many of Ponyville's best join the fray including some of the Elements of Harmony.   It becomes apparent quickly that their weapons are no match for Glooze and their only hope is to dump rainbow from the rainbow vats on him.  Glooze attempts to dismantle and destroy the vats.  Rainbow Dash begins a desperate solo campaign to distract Glooze while the other ponies try to open the release valves on the vats.  Glooze destroys one of the vats.  Pinky Pie runs out of cupcakes and joins the group opening the valves to the last vat (including Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Octavia) where they succeed in opening one of the three.  Rainbow Dash and Thunderball team up and continue distracting Glooze whilst more ponies arrive and open a second valve.  Rarity uses the last of her strength to unstick the last valve before collapsing.  Rainbow Dash and Thunderball take a direct hit.

5/18/2011:  The third valve opens up as Rainbow Dash and Thunderball are winding up for another sonick rain/thunder boom combo.  The rainbow released splatters glooze all over the town and begins cleaning it up.  A few bits of Glooze land on Twilight Sparkle and drain some of her energy and magic before he disappears.

*****Interlude (OOC: At some point in this time gap, Glooze kidnaps Princess Luna, but it was never RP'ed in the chat)

IC: Glooze is weak from his defeat at Cloudsdale and recovery takes a few days.  OOC: We waited until we could find a date where all the important characters would be online to finish this.

5/22/2011:  Apple_Bumpkin recovers from her coma and after learning what transpired while she was asleep, resumed her campaign to convince the Elements of Harmony that Glooze isn't all the evil creature they think he is.  She manages to find Twilight_Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow_Dash, and Pinkie Pie.  Twilight and Pinkie are sympathetic, the others are not immediately.

5-23-2011: Apple_Bumpkin locates and convinces Rarity to give Glooze a chance, then she finds Rainbow_Dash and succeeds in getting her to see it her way as well. (OOC: I never did find the other Fluttershy and it felt too weird to rp with myself so I skipped her.) 


Glooze appears in and around all of Ponyville, contorting all the buildings and creating a crater in the town square.  Glooze is different this time, the glooze doesn't drain energy anymore, however, he is still intent on making the ponies feel the pain he felt when they took Apple_Bumpkin away from him.  Princess Celestia appears and rallies all the ponies to her.  Apple_Bumpkin explains to the Princess what she knows about Glooze.  Princess Celestia then gathers the Elements of Harmony and gives them their necklaces/tiaras and they begin building up their energy while Apple_Bumpkin dives into the glooze and is carried by Glooze up to his head where she begins trying to calm him down and finds that his attempt to drain the last bit of energy he needed from Luna was failing and he didn't know why (she is floating in the glooze near Glooze's waist and looks haggard).

OOC: Glooze yells about an attempt to free Luna but I wasn't able to find another pony trying to do this.

Princess Celestia begins a complex spell drawing energy from all the ponies in Equestria and combines that with the energy from the Elements of Harmony and sends the energy blast into the glooze.  Apple_Bumpkin and Luna are expelled from the glooze as it shrinks down to nothing returning Ponyville to normal but leaving the crater in the town square.  An alicorn foal is discovered in the crater and lifted out (OOC: this is the part of Glooze that was good, having succeeded in obtaining a real body.  His name becomes Sable_Night) and is taken by Apple_Bumpkin into her care.  The remaining evil from Glooze, now freed, takes the form of Nightmare Moon and begins bantering with Princess Celestia and Luna.  Thunderball suggests that Nightmare Moon is now a third Princess/Goddess of Equestria.  Princess Celestia surprises all by hugging her dark counterpart who responds by flying away into the distance.  Fluttershy and Winnona tend to the three ponies who were injured by Nightmare Moon and Apple_Bumpkin takes Sable_Night back to Sweet Apple Acres to live with her.